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The intention of this homepage is to help my friends from all over the world to orientate in Berlin and to find some nice restaurants. Of course all other people are welcome to read here. If I could help somebody, I am happy. I do not follow any commercial aspects with this page.

After 28 years out of my home city I am since 2020 back with my family in my home town. We are a normal family. Father, Mother, Teenage son and baby boy.

We have been the last 12 years in the Arabic Kingdom of Bahrain. So now we are in a complete different kind of civilisation and need to adapt.

What we really like are the restaurants in Berlin. When I left the average was not good. Now it became sometimes even fabulous and I know what I talk about. I was for 10 years one of 1000 voters worldwide for the 50 best Restaurants in the World organization. Also I write for Gourmet Report. Visit the Berlin section of Gourmet Report.

As we are living in Charlottenburg most restaurants I am writing about are in that area or in the neighborhood.

Our view in Bahrain ….
… and now I see Hotte Lehmanns truck (liquor supplier)

Due to sometimes limited time the blog is not always proper updated! I try my best!

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  1. Hallo ,

    Ich sehe Ihre Website http://www.34c.de und sie ist beeindruckend. Ich frage mich, ob auf Ihrer Website Werbeoptionen wie Gastbeiträge oder Anzeigeninhalte verfügbar sind?

    Was ist der Preis, wenn wir auf Ihrer Website werben möchten?

    Hinweis: Artikel darf nicht als gesponsert oder Werbung gekennzeichnet sein.

    Danke schön
    Gael Kerdanet

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