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After living 12 years in the Arabic world where food is not such important than service, it is a real pleasure to eat around in Berlin!


Mostly we visit restaurants in West-Berlin as we live in this area.

Restaurants we visited

Manzini – classy coffeeshop near Kudamm – Breakfast until 6 p.m. ++++ $$$
The Catch, first class fish (sushi) near Kudamm ++++ $$$$
Ottenthal – we were not happy ++ $$$
Pizza in the KaDeWe – astonishingly good ++++ $$$$
Schöneberger Weltlaterne – German food inexpensive in Schöneberg ++++ $$
Kantini, Bikini Haus, Concept Food Court at Gedächniskirche (Memorial Church)+ $$$$$
Ali Baba Pizzeria – very cheap eat near Kudamm ++++ $
Miss Wu – German Chinese Restaurant in Dahlem ++ $$$
German Pastry from any Bäckerei (Bakery) $++++
Bleibergs – New York City Feeling with good vegan Currywurst – near KaDeWe +++ $$$
Käsespätzle in Josef Roth Diele, Potsdamer Platz Area ++++ $$
German Food in traditional Ebert Restaurant off Kudamm +++ $$$
For meat lovers: Blockhouse – good value for money – several locations++++ $$$
Diekmann: Fine Dining off Kudamm – nice Atmosphere in former Cold store +++ $$$$
Piter – CoffeeShop and Restaurant, inexpensive. German, Italian, Russian off Kudamm +++ $$
Deli House – authentic Sichuan Chinese – recommendable! Near KaDeWe ++++ $$
Pots at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel at Potsdamer Platz +++++ $$$$
Berlin best Gourmet Restaurants $$$$
Cafe Einstein, Unter den Linden $$$$ Austrian kitchen in the historic centre in east Berlin +++
Aroma Kantstrasse – good Cantonese Restaurant $$ ++++
Oveste Italian Touch, Schlüterstrasse $$$$ +++/+
Currywurst – where to get the best one of the typical Berlin street food
Nobelhart & Schmutzig, Michelin Star Restaurant with complete regional food supply +++$$$$$
Döner Kebap – the Berlin Speciality from Turkey $ +++++
Udagawa Japan Imbiss, Kantstrasse – Time stands still since 40 years home cooking +++ $$$
Kitchen Library – Quarantine can be so yummy! $$$ +++++
Cooking Papa, Korean in Wilmersdorfer Strasse – a dirty place +$$$
Block House – a very popular steakhouse chain ++++ $$$$
Pizza at Francuccis – the oldest real Italian restaurant in Berlin ++++$$$$
Brasserie Anouki – former 3star Michelin chef searchs for his concept +++ $$$$
Kreuzburger Knesebeckstrasse – no effort made ++$$$
Food Club Schöneberg – nice neighborhood restaurant ++++$$$
Sushi in Berlin – a difficult story if you like good ones ++++$$$
Wang Jia Yi Hao, Si Fang Cai – good Chinese Restaurant ++++$$$
The NoName in Berlin Mitte – fantastic fine dining +++++$$$$

Do I like the place?

+ recommended for my enemies
++ too good for enemies
+++ if you invite me, I go with you
++++ I like to go there more often
+++++ Real favorites

How much does it cost?

$ Small money
$$ Inexpensive
$$$ prices are okay
$$$$ prices are higher but good value for money
$$$$$ expensive

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