Ovest Italian touch, Schlüterstrasse

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After we had excellent Pizza in the Ovest branch in KaDeWe we wanted to eat now in their Ristorante some Pizze. But Ristorante is not Pizzeria! No Pizza in Schlüterstrasse 47.

So we decided to have Pasta instead. First we had a fantastic vitello tonnato. We were hungry so we ate it before I could take a photo. Also they have nice toasted bread with Olive oil. Ooops, also no photo! Good sign or very hungry?

Everybody of us three had a different pasta. All noodles were cooked perfect. The Calamarata and the Paccheri were slightly oily. The sedani poeti had through the curry an interesting fusion taste. We were all satisfied but would try next time another pasta.

Staff is all Italian and they are all friendly.

When I write this I see they overcharged us. We only had one bottle of Water. I paid a total of 80 € for us three. Not a bargain, but we were not unhappy.

Ovest Ristorante – 1 Flasche Wasser mehr berechnet

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