Sascha Lissowsky, Brasserie Anouki, Berlin-Charlottenburg

So we were looking forward to it: Sascha Lissowsky, the former head chef of Bühners La Vie*** in Osnabrück, has gone into business for himself with a brasserie serving French home cooking near Stuttgarter Platz on a pretty lousy corner – unless you need a new syringe for your drugs.

Sascha Lissowsky, Brasserie Anouki, Berlin
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CleverShuttle leaves Berlin

CleverShuttle informed:

Unfortunately we have to inform you that CleverShuttle is no longer available in Berlin as of today.

The decision was not easy for us, but under the current circumstances an economical operation is not possible. We would like to thank you and hope to see you again sometime.

Operations in Düsseldorf, Kiel and Leipzig will continue normally. So if you still have credit, you can of course use it for trips to these locations.

Berlin Mobility

Pizza at Francuccis

Pizza is something everybody likes to eat. Like Sushi, it can be tasty, but has nothing in common with the original product. We visited Francuccis at Kudamm. Fraco Francucci was the first who offered Pizza in Berlin. I think, he started in 1962. I am customer since the early 70ties. After school we went there and ate a piece of squared pizza for 1 DM.

Pizza at Francucci
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Deutsche Oper Berlin starts again – on Parkdeck!

Open Opera: The Rhine gold under the open sky: On Friday, June 12th, Deutsche Oper Berlin would have celebrated the premiere of DAS RHEINGOLD and thus the start of the new RING directed by Stefan Herheim. Deutsche Oper Berlin is very pleased to be able to present a smaller open-air version of the evening before the tetralogy:

Deutsche Oper Berlin – Parkdeck
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