CleverShuttle leaves Berlin

CleverShuttle informed:

Unfortunately we have to inform you that CleverShuttle is no longer available in Berlin as of today.

The decision was not easy for us, but under the current circumstances an economical operation is not possible. We would like to thank you and hope to see you again sometime.

Operations in Düsseldorf, Kiel and Leipzig will continue normally. So if you still have credit, you can of course use it for trips to these locations.

Berlin Mobility

Mobility in Berlin

The worst you can do when you arrive in Berlin TXL airport is, to take a taxi. The majorities of cabbies waiting at the airport is questionable. I have had out of a 100 transports ZERO at correct prices / shortest way. Some are just driving a small deviation, others bigger. All like to cheat you with the luggage (no, it is included) and many don’t know even where to go. Always ugly discussions. Often the cars are dirty too. Not recommendable.

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