New Corona rules in Berlin – starting 18th June 2021

The curfew in Berlin has already been lifted since May 19.
Since June 4, six people from three households are allowed to stay in rooms. Children up to 14 years are not counted. As of June 18, ten people from three households are allowed.
Outside, ten people from five households are allowed (plus children up to 14).
Contact restrictions do not apply to vaccinated and recovered persons. This means, for example, that vaccinated and convalescent persons are no longer counted at private gatherings.
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The current Corona rules for Berlin as of 4th June, 2021

Life comes back – Restaurants, Theaters, Cinemas, Fitness Studios reopen – with rules and restrictions!

In consideration of decreased Corona numbers, the restrictions will be significantly relaxed. Inside, six people from three households are now allowed to meet; outside, ten people from five households. Children under 14 are not counted.

Frühstück im Palace

Shopping as well as having a drink or a meal in restaurants and pubs outside is now possible without a Corona test.

People limits for events and private parties are increased. Up to 100 people are allowed inside. Alcohol may be sold until midnight, an hour longer than last. Indoor restaurants also now open, but tests are required there.

If Corona numbers continue to fall, testing requirements will be dropped here as well. Many operators were now still bringing back staff from short-time work or even hiring people again.

From June 11th, tourists will again be allowed to come to the city and stay in hotels. At this date AirBnB and similar are to be allowed again.

The Senate is also responding to the fact that more and more people are vaccinated. 43.3 percent have received the first vaccination, and 19 percent are fully vaccinated. However, the pandemic has not yet been defeated, it said. The principle must apply: Out is better than in.

Happy to work again! Chef Vincenzo “Enzo”Broszio of the NoName

However, cinemas, theaters, opera houses and concert halls can now reopen with mandatory testing and a hygiene concept. Outdoor sports without number restrictions are also possible again, provided participants can present negative Corona tests. Fitness, sports and dance studios open with appointment and mandatory testing.

– Berlins best Gourmet – Restaurants

Corona Rules for Berlin for November 2020

Eighth Ordinance amending the SARS-CoV-2 Infection Protection Ordinance


  • Article 1 – Amending the SARS-CoV-2 Infection Protection Ordinance
  • Part 1 – Basic Obligations, Protection and Hygiene Regulations
  • Part 2 – Maximum Number of Persons and Bans
  • Part 3 – Quarantine Measures
  • Part 4 – Final Provisions
  • Article 2 – Entry into Force
Only take-away will be allowed!
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Covid19 – Rules for the next two weeks

The Federal Chancellor and the Heads of Government of the Federal States take the following decision:

Only home delivery and pick up is allowed

The rapid spread of the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) in Germany in recent days is worrying. We must do everything possible to prevent an uncontrolled increase in the number of cases and to keep our health system efficient. Reducing the number of contacts is crucial for this.

The Federal Government and the Federal States agree on an extension of the guidelines on the restriction of social contacts adopted on 12 March:

  1. all citizens are urged to reduce contacts with people outside the members of their own households to an absolute minimum.
  2. in public, wherever possible, a minimum distance of at least 1.5 m must be maintained from persons other than those mentioned under I.
  3. the stay in public space is only permitted a) alone,
    b) with another person not living in the household or
    c) with members of the own household.
  4. the way to work, emergency care, shopping, visits to the doctor, participation in meetings, necessary appointments and examinations, help for other or individual sports and exercise in the fresh air as well as other necessary activities remain possible.
  5. groups of people celebrating in public places, in apartments as well as private facilities are unacceptable in view of the serious situation in our country. Violations of the contact restrictions should be monitored by the regulatory authorities and the police and sanctions should be imposed in case of violations.
  6. all catering establishments will be closed. This does not include the delivery services or pick up orders for eating at home.
  7. personal hygiene service providers such as hairdressers, beauty salons, massage parlours, tattoo studios and similar establishments will be closed, as physical proximity is essential in this field. Medically necessary treatments remain possible.
  8. In all establishments, and especially those open to the public, it is important to comply with hygiene regulations and implement effective protective measures for employees and visitors.
  9. these rules shall be valid for at least two weeks

The Federal Government and the Federal States will cooperate closely in implementing these restrictions and assessing their effectiveness. Further regulations based on regional peculiarities or epidemiological situations in the Länder or districts remain possible.

The Federal Government and the MPs of the Federal States are aware that these are very drastic measures. However, they are necessary and they are proportionate with regard to the legal interest of public health to be protected.

The Federal Chancellor and the MP of the Federal states governments would like to thank in particular those working in the health system, in the public service and in the industries that maintain daily life, as well as all citizens for their sense of responsibility and their willingness to abide by these rules in order to further slow down the spread of the coronavirus.

Sunday, 22 March 2020
Press and Information Office of the Federal Government (BPA)

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