2G starts Monday in Berlin

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It’s a done deal: People who have not yet been vaccinated against Corona or recovered from the disease will be largely excluded from public life in Berlin.


The Berlin Senate decided on Wednesday to extend the 2G (geimpft, geheilt = vaccinated / recovered) rules. Negative corona tests will no longer suffice as of Monday.There are to be exceptions for children and young people under the age of 18, as well as for those with previous illnesses who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons. This means that restaurateurs will only be allowed to open their indoor premises to vaccinated and recovered persons. For open-air events, the 2G rules will apply if the number of participants exceeds 2,000 – i.e. for concerts or soccer matches.

The Tenth Amendment Ordinance provides for the following significant changes:

  • Under the 2G condition, employees who have customer contact must be vaccinated, recovered, or tested no more than 24 hours prior.
    – In addition to areas previously placed under the 2G condition (e.g.: indoor dance parties), the 2G condition now also applies to the following:
    – In the case of indoor events (the teaching activities of schools and universities are not covered by this regulation).
    – In personal care services (hairdressing establishments, beauty salons, etc.) and sexual services; mask requirement for services close to the body, which are not covered by the 2G condition
    – In the area of gastronomy for closed rooms
    – In the area of tourist services for closed rooms
    – In the area of cultural facilities (cinemas, theaters, museums, galleries, etc.).
    – In the case of sports activities in covered sports facilities, gyms, dance studios and similar facilities, with the proviso that persons under 18 years of age may be admitted if they have tested negative
    – At recreational facilities (saunas, spas and similar facilities) as well as at amusement venues (amusement parks, amusement arcades, etc.) as far as closed rooms are concerned
    – At the Berlin Zoological Garden, the Berlin Zoo and the Berlin Botanical Garden, insofar as closed rooms are affected in each case
    – The 2G obligation does not apply to persons under the age of 18, who may also have tested negative. This also applies to persons who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons; these persons must have tested negative by means of a test and prove their inoculation capability by means of a medical certificate.
    – For events with more than 2000 people present also outdoors
    – Outdoors, the previous protective measures will be maintained. However, exemptions from these protective measures are possible if the 2G option is selected or specified.
    – Commercial and public employers are required to ensure that, in the case of office workplaces, no more than 50 percent of the office workplaces set up in a workplace are used at the same time. This excludes, among other things, activities with customer or patient contact, as well as workplaces where presence in the workplace is mandatory for the functioning of justice and administration.
    – Patient-facing personnel in hospitals must be vaccinated, recovered or tested daily.

    Duration of the regulation until November 28, 2021.

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