Sascha Lissowsky, Brasserie Anouki, Berlin-Charlottenburg

So we were looking forward to it: Sascha Lissowsky, the former head chef of Bühners La Vie*** in Osnabrück, has gone into business for himself with a brasserie serving French home cooking near Stuttgarter Platz on a pretty lousy corner – unless you need a new syringe for your drugs.

Sascha Lissowsky, Brasserie Anouki, Berlin
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Pizza at Francuccis

Pizza is something everybody likes to eat. Like Sushi, it can be tasty, but has nothing in common with the original product. We visited Francuccis at Kudamm. Fraco Francucci was the first who offered Pizza in Berlin. I think, he started in 1962. I am customer since the early 70ties. After school we went there and ate a piece of squared pizza for 1 DM.

Pizza at Francucci
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Covid 19: Eating in Charlottenburg

Now we are supposed to stay home. Fortunately it is still allowed to go for a walk or doing sports outside, as long as you are doing it by yourself or just another person. You need to keep distance of 1.5 meters to others. No groups allowed. I read in Tagesspiegel that Police asked people who were sitting on a bench reading a book, to go home. Only moving is allowed. For the Gesundheit!
Sunday my wife and me were on a stroll through the closer neighbourhood. Sundays are anyway many restaurants closed, so we were afraid not to find something.

Kuchi Sushi
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