Mobility in Berlin

The worst you can do when you arrive in Berlin Willy Brandt airport is, to take a taxi. The majorities of cabbies waiting at the airport is questionable. I have had out of a 100 transports ZERO at correct prices / shortest way. Some are just driving a small deviation, others bigger. All like to cheat you with the luggage (no, it is included) and many don’t know even where to go. Always ugly discussions. Often the cars are dirty too. Not recommendable. How to get to the new airiport?

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Vox Restaurant, Hyatt Hotel, Potsdamer Platz

I know the Vox since long time. Before I left Berlin, Exec. Chef Eder had always fantastic quality lunch offers, which I liked there. Eder is retired.
Friends recommended us the place for Sushi. They were very please with Master Naoto. So we went.
In this restaurant Alex Moser started his career.

Ramen @ Vox Restaurant, Hyatt Hotel, Potsdamer Platz
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Cafe Einstein “Unter den Linden”

Cafe Einstein is a very old coffeeshop and restaurant chain in Berlin. Their “Stammhaus” is in Kurfürstenstrasse (don’t confuse with Kurfürstendamm!). They are Austrians and offer Austrian Specialities in a high quality at an acceptable price. Coffee is in any branch good. “Unter den Linden” is the main touristic road that leads from Brandenburger Gate to the Museum Island and passes most historical places.

Cafe Einstein Unter den Linden – Apfelstrudel with Vanille Eis
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“Pots” in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel at Potsdamer Platz

Great pleasure in the “Pots” in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel at Potsdamer Platz.
I don’t usually go to five-star hotels for dinner. Usually the cuisine is not as good as you might think at that price. And the drink prices are off. As I always pay for our restaurant visits myself and we often go out, the price is also important.
Everything is different in Pots. The prices are normal, but the cuisine is going towards Michelin stars. In the 2020 Gusto Guide POTS got 6.5 pans, which means about one Michelin star. And i would fully agree with it.

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