Deli House, Nürnberger Strasse

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If you are in Szechuan Food, you will like Deli House. It does not look like a Chinese Restaurant. Every kitchen style could be in the place tomorrow without changing anything.

finish your “Wegbier” before you enter

When we visited on every table – except one where a tourist family with smaller kids were – minimum one Chinese person was sitting. Mostly many Chinese. Lots of rich students from Peoples republic who eat there. But also many other Chinese. And they have a valid reason. Many eat Hot Pot, a Chinese style fondue, which I did not find on the menu.

The food is delicious. As normally in Szechuan it’s a bit spicy, but not as spicy as Thai. On the menu they have symbols which you can trust well. Only on the last pages, the Chinese menu which is only partly translated, you need to ask.

Pork Belly

We started with their pork belly. I would have wished the fried rice which I ordered as well. I asked for it but they did not understand. They delivered it – even I asked several times – with the Tofu dish. Anyway, the slightly crispy pork belly was delicious.

Duck Rolls, mild

The high lights were the mild duck rolls. Fantastic taste! Sure we will order them next time too. I hope they keep the quality.

My wife’s tofu soup was good, she said. Shao Mei was fine too, but not that special.

Spicy Tofu with Vegetables

As we have had so much meat, we ordered Spicy Tofu with vegetable. Part of the vegetable was slightly overcooked, but the taste in general was fantastic. Well balanced spiced in a strong sauce. Finger licking!

Fried Rice Deli House

When we were almost finished the fried rice arrived. Strange, we normally make with the rice a bed in a bowl on which we put the meat or veggies. Now we ate all separately.

Invoice Deli House for 2

We paid 40 Euro incl. tipp for two, which makes it 20 per person. That’s an excellent value for what you got.

This restaurant is not for going out and having a romantic dinner with your wife, this place is to eat and than you’ll have the romantic part somewhere else. As we have a baby, the romantic is limited anyway. Food was fantatsic and highly enjoyable.

Berlin has many Chinese restaurants and a few are really good. Aroma for Cantonese Kitchen, Tian Fu also for Szechuan is fine. Taiwan’s Lon Men Noodle House is recommendable too.

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