Aroma, Kantstrasse

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This cantonese Restaurant is one of our favorites. They are a real Chinese restaurant. Always a bit rude, but they mean it friendly. Fits well to Berlin. As cantonese they have a good selection of Dim Sum, but also good cantonese dishes. This restaurant could be also in Manhattans China Town.

Aroma Cantonese Kantstrasse

They also have for typical Germans the #37, Rindfleisch mit Zwiebeln (Beef with onion) or the #56, Knusprige Ente süss/sauer (Crispy duck sweet sour). Avoid that! 😉

The crispy chicken claws are not that tasty, but funny. Divine is the Grilled pork belly. White rice is always included in the prices, only fried rice is extra.

We ate so quickly that I could not make photos. Very hungry and delicious! We paid including 10 % tip 15 € per person and left happily.

This restaurant is also good after a function, theater, club etc. It is open until 3.a.m.!

We were afraid as we came without reservation if we would get a table. Even they never send us back before. 6 p.m. is already peak time there. But the restaurant was empty. People are scared the get Corona from the staff. One staff member was half a year ago in China. In fact they are all German.

In Kantsstrasse you’ll find a few interesting Asian restaurants:
Lon Mens Noodle House – very small shop, easy to identify as always people are waiting outside. Cheap but yummy.
Udagawa – very old Japanese Snack Bar / restaurant with Japanese homestyle food. You find homesick Japanese there too! Japanese told me it is very authentic.
Good friends – I am not so good friend with them, but many bet on it. Cantonese with lacquered dishes (seen in window)
The Duc Ngo restaurants – various Japanese and Vietnamese restaurants. Ryotai 893 is behind a black window full of graffiti . Staff is super cool, guests wear also mostly black. Food is okay, a bit pricy. Good concept!

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