Meierottostrasse 1 (China Restaurant Wang Jia Yi Hao, Si Fang Cai)

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The restaurant has a completely different name, but because none of the guests could remember it, the westerners are now given the street name.

Meierottostrasse 1 – der richtige Name

Actually we wanted to go on right away. The menu showed no recognizable concept and the restaurant was completely empty except for one table where Chinese people were sitting. After checking the Google rating of 4.7 we decided to stay.

And that was a good thing. The restaurant is cheap and good and offers a culinary trip across China. That would be like a restaurant offering “Best of Europe”. The cook is from Hangzhou. Hangzhou has been known since Mao for pretty girls, expensive white tea and good food.

We had two dim sum for starters. The ones with shrimps (5.80) were okay, the steamed ones with pork (4.80) were trivial. We would not order dumplings the next time. Aroma is better for that.

The main courses were really good. We had Shanghai ham with rice noodle cake and double fried pork belly Sichuan style, mild version. Both dishes are highly recommended!

At the end we got Chinese style dessert: Some fruits instead of American Chinese Fortune Cookie.
Only two more Chinese families came during our Dinner. Hard to understand. Round the corner the “Meet You” was busy, but Meierottostrasse 1 is far better.

The service was very friendly. Altogether we paid 45 Euro for two and left the restaurant very happy. This does not happen always to us!

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