We were gonna have a nice sushi dinner in Berlin

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Sushi in Berlin is a real problem for us. For professional reasons we have been in Japan very often and especially in Tokyo we appreciate Edo Sushi.

Unagi Sachiko Kaiten Sushi

Again and again friends drag us to some Sushi shops to offer us “fantastic Sushi”. For us it is almost always a torture to eat the overcooked rice with strange fish.
We are only really happy at Maruyasu in Düsseldorf in the Schadow Arkarden. https://maruyasu-de.jimdo.com/ But that is too far away to eat Sushi quickly. But worth a trip!

There is a governmental, Japanese organization that certifies restaurants to be authentically Japanese: Nintei Nihon Restaurant. Apparently, they assume that authentic is also good. We strongly disagree.
The Tori-Katsu snack bar or the Udagawa in Kantstrasse we also find authentic. But probably these restaurants don’t pay for an admission at Nintei Nihon Restaurants.

Gyoza, Ishin in Hardenbergstrasse

We now visited two Nintei Nihon Restaurants in Berlin.

We were at Sachiko Kaiten Sushi in the S-Bahn arch near Savigny Platz. A very nice place. Friendly blond “Sushi Master”. Expensive for what’s available. Salmon, tuna, butterfish and eel were all fish. The fish portions were gigantic, almost Taiwan-style and the rice was very hard and grainy. We had nigiris. These had an enormous amount of wasabi. Hotategai we shared. One was peppered and the other was okay. The Maguro was very tough. We did not see any reason to return to Berlins oldest Kaiten Sushi bar.

Afterwards we went to the Ishin in Hardenbergstrasse, almost at the Bahnhof Zoo. The restaurant looked more like a student pub. Surprisingly, they call at the Nigiri similar high prices as the Sachiko. We liked the fish quality itself much better than at Sachiko. But the rice: What a sour, overcooked crap. Worse than many “Vietnamese Sushi bars”!
We started with nice fried Gyoza.
We had Toro twice: once a really nice Toro, the second time a less good piece.
I also ordered – because I was really hungry – a Barachi Don for 7,50 €. Contrary to our expectations there were only a few fish cuttings, but plenty of Kani! And all that on disgustingly overcooked rice. Service was nice.
In Ishin we would go again to try a Toro Sashimi as the fish was good there.

Ishin in Hardenbergstrasse Nigiri

We paid about 50 € in every restaurant and were not happy!

What is our favourite Sushi in Berlin? We have none! But if we go, then we go to Sushi Berlin (Bismarckstrasse 100 – diagonally visavis of the Deutsche Oper.) Here the price-performance ratio is half right and the rice is not overcooked and the salmon is better than most competitors.

Dear reader, if you know a good Sushi place with good Tuna and excellent rice, please inform us!

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