Review Mika Sushi, Friedenau

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Based on a recommendation from a resident there, we visited Mika Sushi. Chef and owner is Mike Nguyen Tuan from Erfurt.

Butterfisch Bowl

The problem with sushi is that we usually got to know and appreciate sushi in Berlin. The first sushi bar in Berlin had Tilman Zorn (Sashiko Sushi / S-Bahn arches in Charlottenburg), who spent two years in the early 90s in Kobe (Japan, known for beef) to learn. Tilman trained countless, talented Vietnamese. Tilman’s apprentices started later their own businesses, such as Mr. Hai or Sushi Berlin across from the Deutsche Oper Berlin. Coming from this school, the rice and also the fish is usually okay. But not famous.
After that, players from everywhere came on the market, who called themselves sushi masters more or less without training and sometimes offered quite wild creations to the guests.
I have now the luck or also bad luck to be often in Japan and to enjoy especially in Tokyo the Edo-Style Sushi. Whereby I stopped going to the Michelin star masters where I was through in 20 minutes and €400 poorer. I couldn’t appreciate the quality. Instead, I like to go to kaiten sushis. I choose those based on whether there’s a line in front of them. With this strategy I had good success and for me excellent sushi for small money (below 50 € / person).
Also in Japan you can eat hideous sushi. I often had terrible sushi in some Izakayas in the province.

So I am a friend of the medium good sushi. In Berlin, unfortunately, I have not yet discovered a medium-good sushi. The best fish has in my opinion The Catch in Bleibtreu/Mommsenstrasse, often good rice the Sushi Berlin. Sometimes the Ishin has beautiful Toro.

Yakitori Spieße – die verbrannten haben wir runtergenommen

So I was pleased that the Mika was recommended to me as a Japanese-run, very small SushiBar. When we arrived, my 15-year-old son said, “Dad, here you will not be happy!”. He was not to be 100% correct.

We then ordered wakame (3.50), ebi tempura (4.90) and yakitori kebabs (4.90).
To our amazement, aside from some strong roasting on half of the yakitori, everything was great. Joy.
Next came the Unagi Bowl. Here the strong vinegar taste of the “ponzu dressing” ruined the whole dish (€13).

Ebi Tempura – dazu scharfe Mayo

With the following Makis and Nigiris the rice was cooked too long. You get that everywhere in Berlin. The guests like it that way, they say.
The fish, there was not much choice, butterfish, sake, maguro and unagi, was okay. Maguro even good. The Unagi-Nigiri comes with a super ripe avocado on top, which unfortunately dominates so that you can no longer taste the eel. The fish is generously portioned. This is also very important in Friedenau.

Nigiri Sushi

There was nothing spectacular about it. That was not top, but we have eaten much worse sushi in Berlin. Service had little idea, but always asked. I find that okay. We paid for three 96 €. You can go to Mika Sushi, but you do not have to.

Reservation is advised. At our first attempt we got at 6 pm no more table!

Mika Sushi Berlin
Fehlerstrasse 1
12161 Berlin (Friedenau)
phone: 0152 327 083 04

Of course, we always pay our bills by ourselves

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