SHARE NOW enables foreign trips of up to 30 days

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SHARE NOW adds international travel option to long-term rentals in four countries! Customers can book SHARE NOW vehicles free of charge in advance and rent them for up to 30 days. Transparent price overview without additional costs for insurance and refueling.

SHARE NOW enables foreign trips of up to 30 days

Across Germany, the summer vacations are just around the corner. Car sharing offers an option for driving to summer vacation. Customers of SHARE NOW, market leader and pioneer in station-independent car sharing, can not only rent vehicles for up to 30 days in Germany, Austria, Italy and the Netherlands, but also use them across selected national borders thanks to the international travel option.

“Whether it’s a spontaneous weekend getaway or a planned summer trip, the option to drive abroad makes our user:s even more flexible and carsharing suitable for vacations,” says Olivier Reppert, CEO of SHARE NOW. “With this extension, we offer our customers a particularly convenient way to take their well-deserved vacation, which thanks to our app starts right at their front door – without the hassle of paperwork and lugging suitcases.”

Additional option can be booked flexibly
The option to travel abroad can only be used in conjunction with a long-term rental, i.e. a rental period of one to 30 days, and can be selected either in the SHARE NOW app or during the advance booking process. If customers book a long-term rental in advance, they can flexibly determine the pick-up location and time of the desired vehicle themselves and start their vacation without any detours.
The booking of the international trip costs a one-time fee of 16.99 euros and allows users to move the carsharing car across the following country borders: France, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, northern Italy, Austria, Switzerland.

The usual advantages of SHARE NOW are also available abroad. There are no extra costs for insurance or refueling (when using partner gas stations). In addition, the vehicle does not have to be returned with a full tank at the end of the rental period, but can be rented back in the home country as usual. Not included are any fees for using the freeway or parking outside the business area in which the rental started.

Transparent price overview
The transparent price overview SHARE NOW customers are accustomed to is also available for long-term rentals with additional international travel. In addition to the international travel fee of 16.99 euros per rental, there is a base price that varies depending on the vehicle model and is displayed transparently before the rental begins. For each kilometer driven, 0.19 euros is charged. For example, a Mercedes-Benz A-Class from SHARE NOW can be rented for a 7-day trip from Munich to Zell am See in Austria for as little as 50 euros per day, including insurance and fuel charges. Costs per kilometer already included in the calculation example.

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