25 years of Berlin Master Chefs

This is a good reason to celebrate and to honor the variety and great skills of the Berlin Master Chefs again this year. After Partner für Berlin did not award any Berlin Master Chefs in the past exceptional year, the anniversary year 2021 will again honor award winners in the familiar six categories – and a new one, Berlin Bar Culture.

On August 21, Berliners have the opportunity to experience a unique experience of “street food meets fine dining” at “The place to taste”. Pots am Potsdamer Platz participate as well
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Nikodemus Berger is the new chef at Schöneberger Bonvivant Cocktail Bistro

Bonvivant has made a name for itself with unusual cocktails and vegetable cuisine: Now the team at the cocktail bistro Bonvivant is reorganizing. The vegetarian kitchen takes over the young Nikodemus Berger, who cooked himself with energy and fresh ideas after his training in the Le Meridien in his hometown Vienna in only four years to the top of the kitchen hierarchy. After stints at Reinstoff and Le Faubourg, the 27-year-old is now proving his creativity as head chef at Schöneberg’s Goltzstrasse.

Nikodemus Berger -Bonvivant Bistro
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