25 years of Berlin Master Chefs

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This is a good reason to celebrate and to honor the variety and great skills of the Berlin Master Chefs again this year. After Partner für Berlin did not award any Berlin Master Chefs in the past exceptional year, the anniversary year 2021 will again honor award winners in the familiar six categories – and a new one, Berlin Bar Culture.

On August 21, Berliners have the opportunity to experience a unique experience of “street food meets fine dining” at “The place to taste”. Pots am Potsdamer Platz participate as well

Dr. Stefan Franzke, Managing Director Partner für Berlin, says: “The past year has confronted each and every one of us, but the gastronomy in a very special way, with unimaginable challenges. And just as clearly as we said a year ago that an award ceremony was not possible, this year we are saying: we MUST award – the courage, perseverance and determination of Berlin’s restaurateurs, but also the creativity, ingenuity and high art that they demonstrate day after day, even in these still challenging times.”

That is why the anniversary celebrations and the presentation of the new award winners will take place at an exclusive street food market, “the place to taste,” in the courtyard of the Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur (KPM). Here, the winners of the Berlin Master Chefs 2021 will be announced and honored on August 20. The Berlin Master Chefs stand for innovation and tradition, sustainability and future trends and are the figurehead for culinary Berlin. In 2021, Partner für Berlin introduces a new category: the Berlin Bar Culture 2021, which aims to expand the diversity of Berlin’s cuisine and gastronomy with a focus on the city’s outstanding bars.

The independent Berlin Master Chefs jury has now announced the favorites in the categories Berliner Meisterkoch, Aufsteiger des Jahres, Berliner Gastgeber, Berliner Szenerestaurant, Berliner Kiezmeister, and Gastronomic Innovator.

The exclusive street food market “The place to taste” will take place on August 20 and 21 in the courtyard of the Royal Porcelain Manufactory (KPM). On August 20, the event is addressed to the Berlin business community, politicians and the press. The format Berlin Master Chefs opens the event in the anniversary year for the first time for the general public: On August 21, Berliners have the opportunity to experience a unique experience of “street food meets fine dining” at “The place to taste”. Here, guests can expect an atmospheric stroll and specially prepared dishes from Berlin’s master chefs as a culinary experience.

Guests will have the opportunity to sample the culinary diversity of the award winners from the past 24 years. Among others, star chef Björn Swanson, Borchardt, POTS, Tante Fichte, The Cord and many more will be present.

Each ticket includes a welcome drink and a small snack on site. Tickets are eight euros per person and can be purchased through the following website: The Place to Taste. Guests can then sample other delicacies and drinks at the various food stalls and pay by Paypal or credit card at the end.

Sales start: as of now
Venue: Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur, Wegelystraße 1, 10623 Berlin, Germany
Time: three different time slots: 12:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m., 3:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

The Berlin Master Chefs:
The Berlin Master Chefs celebrate their 25th anniversary and once again position the capital as a hotspot of creative culinary art and diverse food movement. Partner für Berlin has been honoring Berlin’s best chefs every year since 1997 and presents the diversity of gastronomy as an important image factor for the Berlin brand by means of the ambassadors of the Berlin Master Chefs. Since then, more than 140 chefs, restaurateurs and neighborhood masters have received awards in various categories and represent the gastronomy scene as an important economic and image factor of Berlin. Among the award winners are Sonja Frühsammer, Sophia Rudolph, Björn Swanson and Tim Raue.

The gastronomy sector has not only had a particularly challenging year due to the Corona pandemic, but also a particularly innovative one, demonstrating its creativity and ingenuity. They continue to break new ground and present their skills – because it just works in Berlin. Therefore, this year not only the new award winners will be honored, but also those of previous years will be recognized and supported.

Further information: www.berliner-meisterkoeche.de

This year’s picks:

Berlin Master Chef 2021
Stephan Hentschel, Cookies Cream
Silvio Pfeufer, einsunternull
Michael Schulz, Irma la Douce
Max Strohe, Tulus Lotrek

Rising star of the year 2021
Arne Anker, BRIKZ
Kamel Haddad, 12seasons
Dominik Matokanovic, Tante Fichte
Florian Mennicken, Rutz Zollhaus
Silvio Pfeufer, einsunternull

Berlin hosts 2021
Serhat Aktas, The Wine Lobbyist (owner and sommelier)
Katharina Bambach, Eins44 (restaurant manager)
Fabian Fischer, Bricole (owner)
Nancy Großmann and Falco Mühlichen, Rutz (sommelière and restaurant manager/host)
Sascha Hammer, Irma la Douce (sommelier and restaurant manager)

Berlin trendy restaurant 2021
Frühstück 3000
KINK Bar & Restaurant
Mrs Robinson’s/Frieda

Berlin Neighborhood Champion 2021
Du Bonheur, Mitte
Gimme Gelato, Charlottenburg
Gut Kerkow Butcher Shop, Mitte and Schöneberg
Mimi Ferments, Moabit
Sironi la pizza, Schöneberg

Berlin Bar Culture 2021
Bonvivant Cocktail Bar
Snowy Owl Salon
Green Door Bar
Mr. Susan

See the results at Gourmet Report: Berliner Meisterköche 2021

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