The Cord – Thomas Kammeier is back!

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Actually, the longtime Michelin star chef of the Hugos at the Interconti was never really gone. He just didn’t feel like being hit on by a director anymore for spending too much and bringing in too little profit, while he was pushing mighty overtime. That’s when the offer of a guest, Reinhard Müller, came just in time.

The EUREF founder was looking for a gastronomic manager for his project. And Kammeier suddenly had a 40-hour week and evenings off. He was now also there for the family. But he no longer had anything to do with fine dining. Now he catered to hungry office workers in various outlets.

But once a Michelin star chef, always a Michelin star chef. Kammeier opened a fine dining restaurant, THE CORD, on the EUREF site.
And the restaurant is probably one of the most beautiful restaurants in Berlin. It’s a spacious big-city restaurant, the kind you rarely see in Berlin, more so in New York City. Very chic!


And Kammeier started at Michelin-star level. We had the pea tortelloni with herbed char. Quite outstanding and perfect in every way. Best ingredients. Awesome taste. However, also 25 € per person. Four half slices of bread were charged at €3.50.
The dish is also available as a main course. At the next visit I would flirt with it!

Pea Tortelloni, THE CORD, Thomas Kammier

Then came a Loup de Mer in a crazy quality. (99 € for 2). In addition broccoli (6,50} and Chimichurri (4 €).

Meat Selection, THE CORD, Thomas Kammier

And now came the main product of the restaurant THE CORD: Excellent steaks, from 28 € to 99 €. They were accompanied by exceptionally good side dishes: 1 x green asparagus (6,50), 2 x broccoli (6,50 each), thick steak frites (4,50), remarkable red wine jus (5,50) and perfect Bernaise sauce (4,50). The steaks were like a very good US steakhouse, the sides often much better. Steak lovers will have their joy here.

Dessert was again perfect.

We had the pleasure of dining with the well-known Berlin restaurant critic Bernhard Steinmann and his wife. Steinmann works regularly for various restaurant guides and also for the Gourmet Report. Steinmann also had a lot of fun at dinner.

Bernhard Steinmann, famous Berlin Restauran critic

We had a bottle of Pinot Noir (46 €) and 2 bottles of water (7 € / 0.75l each). Espresso (3) and cappuccino (3.50 €).

The service is lovingly led by Olaf Rode and is extremely pleasant at modern star level.

We were invited to a glass of Cremant and two desserts. In total, including tip, we paid €520 for four people. That is a metropolitan price like in New York City. US steakhouse-like, the side dishes also hit the bill hard.

We had a culinary interesting and thoroughly positive evening at THE CORD with excellent service. We will certainly be back.

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