Corona rules Berlin: Since today new contact restrictions

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With these Corona rules, politicians want to bring the pandemic under control. The most important measures in Berlin at a glance

Restaurants stay open! (Meat Selection, THE CORD, Thomas Kammeier)

Due to the rapidly spreading Omikron, stricter Corona rules will apply in Berlin. From today on, December 28, 2021, private gatherings for vaccinated and recovered people will only be allowed with a maximum of ten people. Children up to the age of 14 are not counting.

For meetings with the unvaccinated, restrictions have been in place for some time and will continue to apply:
Only the members of one’s own household and a maximum of two people from another household are allowed to meet. The new regulation is valid until January 22, 2022.

Corona Berlin: The most important changes to the Corona regulations

Contacts: The person limit for private events and gatherings is lowered to ten people, all of whom must be vaccinated or recovered. This applies both outdoors and indoors. Unless vaccinated or recovered persons attend, the rule remains that only persons from one household may meet with no more than two persons from another household, not counting children 14 and under.

New Year's Eve (Silvester) will be a ban on the gathering of people and the setting off of fireworks and other pyrotechnic objects in 56 places for New Year's Eve 2021/2022. Exceptions to the ban will only be made for certain officially notified or approved professional fireworks displays.

Outdoor events with more than 1000 people present at one time remain prohibited. Indoor events with more than 200 people present at one time also remain prohibited. The 2G regulation continues to apply.

Culture, sports, business: Provided that a corresponding hygiene concept is available from the administration responsible for culture, the administration responsible for business or the administration responsible for sports, outdoor events are only permitted with up to 3000 people and in closed rooms with up to 2000 people. The hygiene concept must have at least ventilation in enclosed spaces, and 2G plus (incl. FFP2 mask and negative test evidence). This is generally mandatory for the events.

Clubs: Dancing is prohibited - both outdoors and indoors.Clubs may open without dancing. 

Restaurants, bars, pubs: Restaurants in Berlin will remain open. In Berlins restaurants, bars and pubs, masks are compulsory when entering and leaving, in addition to 2G. Masks are only not required when sitting.

Public buildings may now only be entered under 3G rules. 3G means vaccinated, recovered and tested persons (=geimpft, geheilt, getestet).

Public transport: In addition to the 3G rule in public transport, the obligation also applies accordingly to train platforms and ferry terminals. The mask requirement applies.

Libraries and archives may only open under the 2G condition.

Outdoor sports and non-professional competitive sports activities are permitted only under the 3G condition, alone or with the closest circle of relatives, if the minimum distance is not observed. Non-contact outdoor sports where the minimum distance is ensured remain permissible without conditions.

Following 2G rules continue to apply in Berlin. Since the end of November, 2G rules including a mask requirement have been in effect in Berlin. Unvaccinated people are largely excluded from public life in this way.

Retail: Unvaccinated people are now only allowed to visit stores selling essentials; the rest of the retail trade remains closed to them.

Recreation: For recreational events, 2G applies to a large extent, including a mask requirement. Exceptions apply only to minors. The possibility of gaining access with a negative test is eliminated in many places.

Sports and culture: Sports halls are reserved for vaccinated or recovering athletes, and 2G also applies to cultural events throughout the country. In addition, masks are mandatory.

Hotels: 2G also applies in hotels where unvaccinated persons with a test (3G) were previously able to check in.
Hairdressers: For services close to the body, such as hairdressing (2G), operators can decide whether to impose a mask requirement or a test requirement.

Happy New Year! Stay healthy! 

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