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Gusto 2021/22 is published

GustoBerlin: Highest level in the Horváth, Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer, Rutz Restaurant and Facil as well as sommelière of the year from Berlin

Berlin – Brandenburg in the new Gusto: The four restaurants Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer, Horváth, Rutz Restaurant and Facil are awarded ten out of ten Gusto pans by Gusto / Sommelière of the year is Janine Woltaire (Horváth).

Horváth, Berlin
Hardly any other restaurant in Germany has convinced on so many levels as the Horváth Restaurant. In addition to winning ten Gusto pans, it is also one of the top 10 restaurants in the categories “Most Individual Handwriting,” “Non-alcoholic Beverage Accompaniment” and “Sustainability.” Sebastian Frank is someone who, with his non-conformist way of cooking, inspires as beyond all the norms of traditional haute cuisine, with a strong Austrian and Eastern European influence. He not only creates his menus, often inspired by childhood memories, completely “out of the box,” but also focuses on holistic utilization of rare regional vegetables and unpopular meat products from lard to blood. The team is undoubtedly a pioneer in the non-alcoholic genre with their drinks based on complexly cuvetted fruits/vegetables, and they are still setting benchmarks with their lean, exciting drinks. And if that weren’t enough, Janine Woltaire was named Sommelière of the of the Year: Since 2019, she has been enriching the Horváth restaurant not only with her likeably cordial manner, but also with her equally unconventional and precise wine recommendations, for which – in keeping with Sebastian Frank’s cuisine – she focuses mainly on less popular niche growths from the countries of Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia. As a result, guests are offered not only highly exciting dishes with an Eastern European accent, but also equally exciting wine moments. And the excellent non-alcoholic beverage accompaniment also protects them charmingly and knowledgeably.

Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer, Berlin
Very modern, creative and cosmopolitan, but deeply classical French in its foundations: Hendrik Otto’s cuisine is certainly one of the most creative and innovative in the classical French genre. genre, which is why the restaurant has not only been awarded ten Gusto pans, the highest number the top 10 restaurants in the category “Modern and Traditional Classics”. traditional classic”.

Rutz Restaurant, Berlin
Among the ten restaurants in Germany with the most individual signature also includes Rutz. Excitingly unconventional dishes full of subtle finesse are made primarily from regional products. Müller has an unerring sense for original, but not necessarily particularly avant-garde, aromas that taste novel and yet familiar. Hardly less effort and meticulousness than in Marco Müller’s creations goes into Nancy Großmann’s non-alcoholic beverages, which, with juices, herbs and infusions or with home-made kombuchas, are not only creative but also perfectly corresponding alternatives to wine. to wine. Own planting plans with farmers, close cooperation with farmers, cattle breeders, gardeners and small manufactures as well as renouncement of relevant noble products are the team around Marco Müller the basis for enormously creative and elaborate menus on absolute top level. Top level, so that they belong also here to the Top 10 in the category “lastingness”.

Facil, Berlin
The name Facil has become rather misleading, because nothing here is “simple. On the contrary, since the strong team around the two masterminds stepped it up a notch a few years ago, Facil’s cuisine is not only highly elaborate, but also precisely executed to perfection. In addition to ten out of ten Gusto pans, it therefore also won awards in the categories “State of the Art”: Precision, Perfection and Design as well as “The Special Place” and “Gourmet Lunch”. Another plus point: The Facil’s bamboo-green glass cube is one of Berlin’s most atmospheric places to enjoy food anyway – and meanwhile also one of the best. What the team around Michael Kempf and Joachim Gerner also makes at noon experienceable, both with attractively priced lunch dishes and with the large menu.

Rising stars in Berlin – Brandenburg
This year’s Gusto award-winning up-and-comers also deserve special mention:

  • Tim Raue, Berlin: A restaurant that is one of the ten restaurants nationwide in Germany in the “Most Individual Handwriting” category: No one pushes the interplay of spiciness, acidity, sweetness and fruit to the extreme with such skill and pronouncedness as Tim Raue with his culinary art inspired by Asian cuisine in general and Chinese in particular. And the lunch options also won awards: Tim Raue’s distinctive Asian-inspired cuisine is not only as appealing at lunchtime as it is in the evening, but it’s also a real bargain. Pointed cabbage with green Sancho berries and purslane or Sichuan topinambur with Chinese artichoke and red grape: here, of course, the vegan menu also has the typical Tim Raue style.
  • Coda, Berlin: “Anything but ordinary” probably rarely applies as well to a restaurant as it does to Coda in Berlin. To offer a sequence of seven experimental desserts as a dining experience is courageous. But anyone who has already had experience with the creations of modern pâtisserie with little sweetness and the use of vegetables or other products that are usually used in a savory context, will quickly see that the idea is not so far-fetched. And indeed: What the team around René Frank serves here on the small bar tables or the in a savory context, will quickly see that the idea is not so far-fetched. is not so far-fetched. And indeed: What the team around René Frank brings here on the small bar tables or the counter is undoubtedly “different,” but anything but absurd, for which it has been awarded eight Gusto pans.
  • Cordo, Berlin: The cuisine in what was once Berlin’s most culinary wine bar, but has since become a real restaurant, is getting better and more sophisticated, and for that it gets eight Gusto pans. Chef Yannic Stockhausen, in his second year at Cordo, continues to cook with a lot of zest and sometimes relies on delightfully rustic motifs, but balances his handcrafted, intricately arranged plates with increasing finesse. Furthermore, this equally creative and unconventional style of cuisine, in its expressive, contrasting and very international style, almost seems like a counter-design to the purist, strongly regionally emphasized natural cuisine that has boomed in recent years.
  • Bandol sur mer, Berlin: The tiny restaurant by Andreas Saul on the busy Torstrasse in Mitte is certainly one of the most unspectacular fine-dining addresses in the capital. Not only because of the few plain tables that are here vis-à-vis the counter area – it also corresponds neither to the classic image of a conventional gourmet address nor that of the typical “casual dining” place. At first glance, it actually seems more like an alternative trendy pub. Yet the owner’s cuisine is anything but nondescript, but rather extremely inspired and original – and has recently become even more precise and refined., which is why it gets eight out of ten Gusto pans.

An overview of the best Gusto restaurants in Berlin/Brandenburg

10+ and 10 pans

  • Lorenz Adlon Dining Room, Berlin (Mitte)
  • Horváth, Berlin (Kreuzberg)
  • Rutz Restaurant, Berlin (Mitte)
  • Facil, Berlin (Tiergarten)

9+ and 9 pans

  • Tim Raue, Berlin (Mitte)

8+ and 8 pans

  • Tulus Lotrek, Berlin
  • Coda, Berlin
  • Frühsammers Restaurant, Berlin (Grunewald)
  • Nobelhart & Schmutzig, Berlin (Kreuzberg)
  • SKYKITCHEN, Berlin (Lichtenberg)
  • Cordo, Berlin (Mitte)
  • Bandol sur mer, Berlin (Mitte)

Within a few years Gusto has made a very good name for itself in the restaurant and gourmet scene and has become a highly regarded gourmet guide. Now, with the 2021 edition, the renowned restaurant guide is published for the first time by ZS Verlag (976 pages, €29.99). The best 900 restaurants of Germany, from outstanding land kitchen to the Gourmet restaurant, are anonymous and independently tested and described in detail. The guide is supplemented by an online version and the Gusto app.

The best restaurants in Germany 2021/22

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