Delicacy Market Horváth, Paul-Linke-Ufer (Keuzberg)

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At the weekend, two-star chef Sebastian Frank opened his Austrian delicacy market on the terrace of the Horváth.

Sunday around 4 pm we managed to get to the new market, which is held every weekend, Friday to Sunday, during the lockdown on the Horváth terrace. We were lucky and found a parking space right in front of the Horvath.

Horvath Delikatessen Market

We were amazed how crowded it was on the Paul-Linke-Ufer. Here was a good party atmosphere. People met, drank and ate standing up.

Then we went to the terrace. There friendly waiters came from inside and helped the newly arrived guest. That has style!

Horvath Schmankerl

Unfortunately there were no show dishes to see, so we first tried Blutwurst Blunzen. Those were small hearty muffins filled with blunzen sausage for 1,50 € and they were the only visible food items. They were very promising. So we took another 2 pieces! Good start!

Horváth Langos

Now we were advised and ordered a Langos (8 €) and for take home 2 Leberkassemmeln (8 €), 2 baked potatoes (9 €), 1 Butterstrietzel (9.-) and one Cheese Noodles (13 €).

Horváth Baked Potato

As it took 30 minutes we drank 2 cappuccinos (5 €), which were good but not very warm. In total we paid 75 €.

Now the Langos came with everything. Unfortunately, there was certainly half a liter of oil in it. It was good that we shared.

Horváth Butterstrietzel

We ordered the other things to go and wanted to eat at home. While unpacking we were already a little bit irritated. The portions were very small and it all looked like nothing special. The Butterstrietzel was a yeast plait, maybe a pound heavy. One baked potato had a little bit of sour cream, the other one was completely missing. The Leberkäse-Brötchn we ordered with hot mustard and got sweet.

Horváth Leberkäsebrötchen

Bottom line: We were thrilled by the Horvath’s friendly staff and are enthusiastic about the price-performance ratio of the kitchen. Small portions, but they were not particularly refined or delicious. Very ordinary.

Horváth Butterstrietzel (Hefezopf)

We would not go specially there again. If we were in the area, we would eat Blunzen again.

Horvath Rechnung

VOLT – in the same street as Horvath and Tulus Lotrek offer similar “Adventsmarkt” on Sundays – check hier at Gourmet Report (German language)

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