Updated Corona Rules in Berlin – 19. May 2021

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Relaxation of Corona rules in Berlin

In Berlin, the Corona incidence continues to fall. For days, it has been falling below 100. On Friday, it was under 72.

Horvath Terrasse, Berlin

The Berlin Senate has decided on numerous relaxations of the strict Corona rules, which will come into force on May 19. At the same time, the duration of the “SARS-CoV-2 infection Verordnung will be extended until June 13. (as long as the incidence is below 100)

The curfew ends on May 19. During the whole day, people are then allowed to be outdoors alone, with their partner or cohabitant, members of their own household, with persons for whom they have custody or with members of another household, but not more than a total of five people. The same applies to events or gatherings among family, acquaintances or friends. Children up to 14 years of age are not counted.
Staying in closed rooms
One household and one person are now allowed to stay indoors day and night. This means that the ban on visits from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. no longer applies.
Corona rules in Berlin: outdoor restaurants may open.
Restaurants and pubs
Restaurants and canteens are allowed to open their outdoor areas to the public starting May 21. All guests must present a negative Corona test, and outdoor public space contact restrictions also apply. Guests must leave their contact information. However, indoor spaces of restaurants, pubs and cafes will remain closed.
Earlier thoughts that guests should book an appointment in advance have been dropped, although table reservations are certainly advised given the expected crowds.

Shopping in stores beyond everyday necessities will also no longer require an appointment, according to the Senate Commerce Department, but square footage requirements per customer will remain.

Weekly markets like Winterfeldplatzmarkt, may be visited without a negative Corona test, regardless of assortment.

Cinemas, theaters, opera houses, concert halls
Cinemas, theaters, opera houses, concert halls and cultural event venues are allowed to open outdoors for visitors, and the upper person limits apply.
In the future, these events will again be permitted with a maximum of 250 people, but fixed seating is required or negative corona tests if there is no fixed seating.
Private events
Outdoor events or gatherings are permitted with a maximum of one more household. No more than five people may be present at any one time, and children 14 and under are not counted.

Strand- und Freibad (Beach and open-air swimming pools)
Beaches and outdoor swimming pools may open with prior approval from the Health Department. A hygiene concept is required for the permit.

Excursions, sightseeing tours, boat tours
Excursion rides, city tours and boat tours are allowed outdoors again, but only after booking an appointment in advance and for a fixed limited period of time. Visitors must present a negative Corona test.
What Corona rules apply to sports in groups?
Sale of alcohol
The serving, distribution and sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited from 11 pm to 5 am. This includes all kind of shops, Spätkauf es well! Previously, the ban was in effect after 10 p.m.

Music schools and others
In institutions of general adult education, music schools, youth art schools and other independent institutions, general attendance is reintroduced. A prerequisite for teachers and learners is a negative Corona test.

Vocational education
In vocational education and general adult education, the requirement to wear a medical mask applies. Previously, an FFP2 mask was mandatory.

Group sports
Group sports will again be allowed outdoors, but only with a maximum of ten people, all of whom must have a negative Corona test. The testing requirement does not apply to school-age children.

Quarantine on entry
Berlin's regulations on quarantine when entering the country from abroad are lifted. Since May 13, the uniform coronavirus entry regulation has been in effect nationwide.

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