Adlon Streetfood Review

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At the weekends Adlon is going to offer luxury streetfood at the Brandenburg Gate, Pariser Platz

Adlon Crispy Chicken

The first thing you notice is that the Adlon is definitely the most polite snack bar in Berlin. The staff put their heart and soul into it and sell enthusiastically out of their windows.

Adlon Luxury Food – Esszimmer Window

We didn’t try the curry sausage (€6) with gold dust, but we did enjoy the Crispy Chicken from two-star chef Hendrik Otto (€12.50), the Bao Buns (€7) from Sra Bua restaurant and the Döner (€9).

What we really missed were napkins! The whole thing was a big mess 😂

The Crispy Chicken was of excellent quality, but drowned in a very dominant coriander sauce. Delicious, but too dominant. Perhaps it would be better to offer the sauce in a small bowl?
The half potatoes, which made up half the portion, left us clueless. French fries would probably be a better choice after all. But presumably you can’t prepare them in the dining room without ever getting the fry smell out again.
The whole thing has little to do with the fine cuisine of Hendrik Otto. The Otto twist was missing! There’s still room for improvement!

The two bao buns, two pieces for 7 euros, are also dominated by a very dominant sauce. It had something of the feel of “Döner mit alles”. But quite tasty.

The Döner had great meat! The vegetables could perhaps have been dressed a little more lovingly. But overall tasty, but without the big AHA effect that one assumes at the Adlon.

from left: Crispy Chicken, Bao bun with duck and Döner

We didn’t try crepes, waffles, ice cream or drinks – there was champagne available too, of course. It’s the Adlon!

All in all, we left the Adlon, or rather Pariser Platz, happy. We would also go there again any time, if we are in the vicinity. However, we would not make any big detours.

For the time being, the pop-up line at the Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin at Brandenburger Tor will be open on Saturday and Sunday from 12 – 7 pm.

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