Sironi – The Pizza, Goltzstrasse, Schöneberg

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Pizza is everywhere, good pizza is very hard to find in Berlin. A reader drew our attention to “Sironi” at Goltzstrasse 36. They deliver in Schöneberg, but Charlottenburger have to pick up the pizza during the lockdown.

Pizza Diavola, Sironi Pizza – scharfe Salami 13 Euro

We called and ordered when we left, and they told us the pizza would be ready in about 15 minutes. After 13 minutes, when we arrived, we had to wait another 22 minutes. That was a weak performance. We were lucky and found a parking spot nearby.
The pizzeria also has a bakery where people were queuing up permanently so we could only have a look from outside.

Pizza Margherita – Sironi Pizza 8 Euro

There is pizza from the New Milan (Pizza)School, either wheat or spelt flour. And all of them are clearly different from the mostly Albanian/Arabic pizzeria around the corner.

We had Marinara (7,- – only tomato sauce), Margherita (8,- – with mozzarella), Diavola (13.- – spelt with hot salami) and Capricciosa (13.- – mushrooms and ham).
All pizzas were good, but you could tell that they were transported. They all tended to be slightly rubbery. Unfortunately they did not taste crispy / fresh anymore!

Pizza Marinara Sironi Pizza 7 uro

We decided to visit the Sironi after the lockdown and eat there.

Pizza Capricciosa Sironi Pizza, 13 Euro

Other Pizzeria we like, are Francuccis at Kudamm and Ovest in KaDeWe

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