Pizza at Francuccis

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Pizza is something everybody likes to eat. Like Sushi, it can be tasty, but has nothing in common with the original product. We visited Francuccis at Kudamm. Fraco Francucci was the first who offered Pizza in Berlin. I think, he started in 1962. I am customer since the early 70ties. After school we went there and ate a piece of squared pizza for 1 DM.

Pizza at Francucci

May be 25 years ago Francos son took over. He opened a new place opposite the old one. His name is Franco too. Francucci is a typical Italian Ristorante with charming Italian waitresses and waiters and all the typical Italian specialities. Francucci has a good quality and higher prices.

We came to have Pizza. Unfortunately they went the popular way to put too much toppings on the Pizza. I guess customers said, if you charge 18 € for a Pizza, I want to see something. The size is very big. …

So the Pizza is overloaded. Also the dough is very good, the cheese and the toppings are too dominant. The Spicy Salami pizza is too greasy. Taste of all Pizzas is okay. But still the Pizza in KaDeWe is our favorite in Berlin.

Pizza with Salami at Francuccis

We paid for three pizze, two glass of good spumante and 1l of Tafel-Water 75 €. That’s not a bargain!

If you come before 17 h (5 p.m.) you pay 11 € per Pizza.

Revisit 13.9.20

Staff was very nice as usual, but no corona measures. Nobody ever asked for our address and the masks were under chin mask while Nose and Mouth were open.
Food order took very long and it was not too busy. Staff partly only English speaking, what you will not mind. Vitello Tonnato was with a fantastic sauce and chewy meat (14.50 ). We will not have this again. Pasta was pretty perfect as the Pizze Romano Sud.
We did not leave happy as everything took forever. We will come back to Francucci for Pizza & Pasta, but not so soon. We hope for Italian charme again.

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