KaDeWe, Pizzeria Oveste

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When it comes to Pizza 🍕 , I am a traditionalist. I want Italian pizza. A bit good Mozzarella, tomato sauce and may be some herbs on a crusty dough. When I go first time, I order Magherita as the “cooks” could ruin less. I would never order Pizza Hawai.

Vitello Tonnato
Vitello Tonnato

My teenage son needed an award, so we accepted his wish to eat Pizza and went to the 6th floor in the department store. My expectations were low. So we agreed we have had some sushi (don’t remember anything, bit pricey but far away from good Sushi), a good Vitello Tonnato and Pizza to share. He asked for Salame or similar. Normally I would not eat this “Plockwurst”, whatever this could be. But I had a weak day and wanted a happy teenager. Oh my good, the pizza was divine. Very perfect. Expensive, a bit under 20 €, but worth every cent. And it was a good sausage!

Oveste has his main restaurant in Schlüterstrasse and this branch in KaDeWe Department Store.

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