Covid19 forces us to eat from delivery service – Pizzeria Vadoli, Kantstrasse

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I am not a friend of delivery services. The food is often no more warm and in my experience rarely tasty. I always order a Margherita or Napoli from unknown service to minimize the risk. My family is more brave.

Pizza Salami

I googled and I found a site writing about best Pizza (mitvergnuegen) in Berlin. The site made a good impression, because they also mentioned Francuccis, who has excellent Pizze.
They recommend for Pizza delivery Vadoli. The Pizza will arrive as hot as in the store, they wrote.

On the Vadoli website their marketing people wrote: “Vadolì is a new generation of food startup, specialized in the development, preparation and delivery of authentic and creative Italian dishes. In collaboration with internationally renowned food chefs, we develop innovative dishes and redefine the pleasure of Italian cuisine.”

Stupid me. I only read the first sentence . The second sentence should make me suspicious. I was hungry and the pictures looked good. I ordered. An hour later (55 min) an Arab delivery driver delivered. He could speak only some English, no German.

The Salami Pizza (11 €) looked good and smelled good and had still a basic temperature. When you tasted it, you feel they have a quality dough. The complete burned parts were not necessary. This Pizza was still in acceptable range. I wish it would have been mine.

A real shame was the Bresaola Ricotta Pizza. The bresaola was cooked from the beginning with the dough and completely atomized. Inedible. And it was an expensive pizza (around 13 €). About the Ricotta “decoration” I will not talk.

Pizza con breasaola

Careless was the Napoli (9€). It was cold, somebody was sitting on it and oversalted. To many capers, too many anchovis and too much cheese for a Napoli. Even the pizza looked good, the whole Pizza was chewy. A Dominos tastes better. Very poor result.

Pizzeria Vadoli – lieblos – they call it Pizza Napoli!

It might be possible that you get a tasty pizza from this company. Our order missed the supervision of somebody knowledgeable. And there was no pride or love in making the pizza. The white cheese line (Ricotta?) was a joke. If you compare the picture at the website, ours were far away from what they want and what we expected.

Besides Francuccis only the Ovest Pizza in KaDeWe seems to be the only good ones in the area.

Can any of my readers recommend a good Napoli style Pizza, that’s delivered warm in Charlottenburg? I would be very grateful!

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