Udagawa Japan Imbiss, Kantstrasse

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Last time I was here with my friend Yasu from Japan in the mid 80ties. He was so happy. Udagawa had the taste of home cooking in Japan. I personally was not so deep impressed. For me the food was okay.

Tori Udon

This place is amazing. Very little changes the last 40 years. Staff is now more Vietnamese than Japanese. Food is the same quality. We all – experienced Japan travellers – said, it is okay. Value for money is fine. If you have a Japanese friend visiting you, take him there. I am sure he will like it! Taste of home!

We will go there again but we would prefer one of the other Asian Restaurants in Kantstrasse, i.e. Taiwanese Lon Men Noodle House (easy to spot – people wait on the street for a place) or Kantonese Aroma.

Yaki Tori

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