Weihnachtsgans = Christmas goose

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As a German I have a big desire to eat a crispy goose with Rotkohl and Klössen (Red cabbage and potato dumplings) a la Grandma.

Ottenthal Weihnachtsgans

Ottenthal is an old Austrian Restaurant with a good reputation. We have had been there some years before, the food was solala but the service unpolite. As they get every year their Michelin Bib we thought we can go there again. The service was nice this time.

First we got some bread with quark. Quark is something like curd cheese but better. It is used naturally for cheese cake (which should be juicy and not over sweeten. The best cheese cake comes from my wife) or like a Aufschnitt (cold cut) to put mixed with herbs on the bread. Also you get sweet quark in the supermarket with all kind of fruits.
The bread was horrible quality, not even crispy. They might have baked it themselves, but had no love while doing it.

The red cabbage was extremely good. One duck was okay the other duck was so hard, my wife – she is the one with perfect teeth -could not even chew it.

Ottenthal Gans – ganz hart zu kauen

Next time we would only order the red cabbage and may be the potato dumplings.

Ottenthal Weihnachtsgans

The plate with the goose was 35 €, not cheap. You should expect a better quality in a Bib Michelin Restaurant / 5 Pfannen Gusto. The inspector must have been very lazy.

Next to us two Swedish ladies in very winterly dresses were eating. Did they come from a Polar trip? They had the famous Wiener Schnitzel. It looked sad. Not fluffy breading. too light color, no gold. And the meat partly very thick, other parts just holes. The faces of the ladies were telling enough and we were pretty shocked about their plates but not surprised after our own experience.

All my friends say there are better places, but for Wiener Schnitzel we still like Borchardt (Gendarmenmarkt, East Berlin) best.

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