The Catch, Bleibtreustrasse

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Superb fish quality with high prices

The Catch, Bleibtreustrasse

18.12.2019. We were surprised, our waiter could not speak a single word in German. The cleaner explained us a lot of stuff. Service was pretty lousy. Later we found an Asian waiter, who seems to be good.

They have had sushi and all kind of fashionable food. It is a concept from Riga, Latvia.
Many important people dine here. Or at least they think they are important.
Until the 00er years French Reste Fidele was here.

Food was nice but pricey. If we want fish we would go there anytime again, despite the high prices. We paid with just one bottle of water 60 € per person. It would have been easy to reach hundred or more.

The Catch Nigiri

We have been now several times there. Specially my wife likes the restaurant. Meanwhile they do speak German too. Service is okay now. Food is still good quality.
It is pricey, but it is worth it! It is good food, casual and friendly.

Chirashi Bowl – The Catch

Visit September 2021. We have had Unagi Don (sometimes they are generous with the eel, sometime less) and some Fish Nigiris. All good as usual but pricey. Service friendly. Atmosphere international “we are chic people”.

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