Covid 19: Eating in Charlottenburg

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Now we are supposed to stay home. Fortunately it is still allowed to go for a walk or doing sports outside, as long as you are doing it by yourself or just another person. You need to keep distance of 1.5 meters to others. No groups allowed. I read in Tagesspiegel that Police asked people who were sitting on a bench reading a book, to go home. Only moving is allowed. For the Gesundheit!
Sunday my wife and me were on a stroll through the closer neighbourhood. Sundays are anyway many restaurants closed, so we were afraid not to find something.

Kuchi Sushi

We started at Biers 195. The Currywurstbude at Kudamm 195 was open as usual. Only all chairs were taken away and you can only pick up.

We continued to Bleibtreustrasse. One of our favorites, THE CATCH, offers pick up. Ali Baba was closed as it was Sunday. Opposite the Indian Restaurant might offer pick up.
In Tagesspiegel we read that Christophers in Mommsenstrasse offers an interesting pick up between 12 and 8 p.m. daily.
But we continued to the end of Bleibtreustrasse, where everything was closed. Kitchen Library announced that they offer Wednesday and Sunday prepared food to finish at home. As it was too late we ordered the following day for Wednesday.

So we continued our walk to Kantstrasse. The Falafel store was open , but nobody inside and it looked all very sad. Than we saw a line at Kuchi. We decided to buy some Sushi as it was ready and no waiting with all the others in the small place. Sushi was good. We paid 37 € for what you see on the picture above. Kuchi offers delivery too.

The Cantonese Restaurant “Good Friends” also offers delivery and pick up. But we already had our food for the night. Tagesspiegel recommends SHISO Burger further down Kantstrasse. We continued back to Kudamm via Schlüterstrasse where everything was closed.

Wednesday we went to Kitchen Library to pick up our order. All was in plastic.

We are supposed to warm the bags in 60°C hot water. Daniela, the co-owner, explained exactly every step.

Kitchen Library Kalbsbäckchen mit Gnocchi

I have to admit, the food was excellent. The sauce perfect and the Gnocchi my wife fried before serving. Fantastic quarantine dish! <3
The sides were okay too:

Celery Kitchen Library

For my wife the real high light was the Engadin nut cake which needed to be 10 minutes in the oven with 180°C .

Kitchen Library Nut cake

For the two person we paid 50 € and it was worth every penny! Superb quarantine food! Only when my wife cooks we have so excellent food. This time we had it with little work.

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