Take away @ Christopher’s in Schlüterstrasse

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We used the perfect weather, sunny and 16°C, for the allowed walk with a family member living in the same household. After shopping at DM drugstore -we even got soap – we went to Christophers.

Christopher’s Käse Spätzle

I did not get a cheque there, I paid around 40 € + tip.

As starter we took Fishfingers 8,50 € and a Kürbiskern Soup (Pumpkinseed) 6,50 €. Both we disliked. The sauce of the fish finger was oversalted, the Pumpkinseed Soup too sour.

Wildgulasch Christopher’s

The main dishes were Käsespätzle with Salad (9,50 €) and Game Ragout with Spätzle (12,50 €). The Käse Spätzle were okay, but I still had the ones from Micha Schäfer on my tongue. We both disliked the salad sauce. My wife liked the Ragout.

Christopher’s Salad

In total we were a bit disappointed. We have been eating several times before at Christophers and it was always fantastic. The prices were now far lower and we might have had bad luck. We will come again and test. I am sure next time it will be fantastic as usual.


The menu is on the homepage – you can reserve for pick up or order at the spot and wait.

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