Nobelhart & Schmutzig, Friedrichstrasse

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“Noble hard & dirty” would be the translation in English. No worry, it does not make sense in German as well. Sommelier Billy Wagner created his own ideas in this Michelin star restaurant.

Chef Schaefer and Owner Wagner

This is not the typical Michelin starred restaurant. You sit on wooden tables, they will not exchange your knife and with the forks and spoons you help yourself. The service is world class. The drinking menu unique and extraordinary. The food is “brutal local”, only local. That means, no pepper, lemon or olive oil. There is only a 10 course menu. It is NOT allowed to take photos. Weekend is more expensive (130.- €) than weekdays (105.-). Water is included. Espresso is not existing. Host Wagner is a dictator and he is proud of it. English is spoken well.

You don’t need to dress up, you can come as you wish. We have seen very well dressed women and more casual men.

His dictatorship is for the best of the guests, he states. When we visited Noblehart & Schmutzig we were pretty happy with is regime.

Food is interesting. The subject was “Brandenburg in Winter”, which is in fact a more sad story. Food is very special and not everybody will love it. If you expect a classical Michelin restaurant, than better visit HUGOS in Berlin Intercontinental Hotel.

If you are open for a new regio- experience, let Mr. Wagner be your guide through food and drink. You will experience an extraordinary evening. And it is not cheap. Expect 200 € per person incl. drinks. Depends on the drinks of course. Can be easily more!

Menu started with a tea and than four small plates with vegetables and sourdough bread with raw milk butter came.
Than we had mustard egg. This is a very Berlin dish which my mother and granny also cooked. Chef Micha Schäfer makes it perfect. Just a bit small is the portion. I don’t know if foreigner will like it as it is a so special taste.
After came my personal highlight: Käsespätzle. This is a dish Southwest Germans brought to Berlin. There is a big variety. Basically it is home made noodles with cheese. Chef Micha makes them juicy and just delicious. Fantastic!

After the meat course arrived. A small piece of chicken with a crispy skin that reminded more to pork than chicken.

The end was two different ice creams. Exotic tasty but local. Interesting!

Nobelhart & Schmutzig opens only in the evening and is located at Friedrichstrasse / Kochstrasse, not far away from Tim Raue, Berlins best restaurant.

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