“Pots” in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel at Potsdamer Platz

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Great pleasure in the “Pots” in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel at Potsdamer Platz.
I don’t usually go to five-star hotels for dinner. Usually the cuisine is not as good as you might think at that price. And the drink prices are off. As I always pay for our restaurant visits myself and we often go out, the price is also important.
Everything is different in Pots. The prices are normal, but the cuisine is going towards Michelin stars. In the 2020 Gusto Guide POTS got 6.5 pans, which means about one Michelin star. And i would fully agree with it.


The restaurant is casual. The two gentlemen at the table next to us had a quick snack before their escort ladies arrived. Even it is loud in the restaurant and the tables are on a good distance, we could follow their discussion. One gentleman disappeared immediately with his “catch” while the other one was unhappy with his “delivery”, which he wanted to send back.
After so many years in the 5 Star Hotel Palace I witnessed the first time such a discussion.

Brot und Butter

The service in POTS is so good that you don’t feel them. And the service is knowledgeable and friendly, led by Maitre Matthias Brandweiner.

Blumenkohl polnisch

Pots is famous for the Flammkuchen (12 €), an Alsatian speciality like Pizza, but crispier and thinner dough. This was our first course.
POTS says everything is for sharing, but often sharing through three is a challenge.
We started with Cauliflower polish style (12 €) and Tatar (12 €) from some famous beef.

All starters were superb. Fredric Grieb is a student of three star Chef Dieter Müller, who is responsible for the restaurant. Mr. Grieb was before already Chef for Müller on his restaurant on the MS Europa, a small luxury cruise ship.

Königsberger Klopse

As main course we have had the Königsberger Klopse (20 €) and Verbrannten Kohl (19€). All was perfectly done.


As Desserts we have had Banana Souffle and Mandarine Cheese cake. Each for 9 Euro. All were delicious!

Bananen Souffle

With the bill we got some nice chocolate pralinees.


140 € including tip for three persons is a good price for a highly enjoyable evening with superb food , fantastic staff in a comfortable casual environment.

I can not recommend enough this place!

Middle of March we revisited POTS. The day before we were in Nobelhart & Schmutzig, now we were out for some meat.
Meanwhile Fredric Grieb left the place for his own restaurant in Rummelsburg and Mathias Brandweiner was skiing in Austria and has now 14 days self quarantine due to the Covid19. Our wonderful host tonight was Miss Lena and her team and Christopher Kujanski , the new Chef from Poland, who worked long time with Joachim Wissler*** in Vendome Restaurant.

The restaurant increased their prices pretty much, around 20-30 %. I.e. Desserts were 9 € and are now 12 €. Sides went from 5 to 6 €. Flammkuchen from 12 to 14 € etc. Too much for Flammkuchen, Desserts and Sides to stay popular.

Maitre Lena & Chef Christopher Kujanski

The restaurant is still very good. Just around a Michelin star. We had tatar (16€) and a filet steak (26€) with mashed potatoes (6€). Both were excellent. Chef Christopher knows how to make superb sauces!

Pots Ochse Tatar
Pots Färse Filet with Topinambur

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