Berliner Meisterköche 2022

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These are the nominees of the Berlin Master Chefs 2022 (Berliner Meisterköche)

Kamel Hadad – Aufsteiger Kandidat aus Charlottenburg

This year Berlin Partner will once again award the Berlin Master Chefs. The independent Berlin Master Chefs jury has now selected the nominees in the categories Berlin Master Chef/Berliner Meisterköchin 2022, Rising of the Year 2022, Berlin Host 2022, Berlin Scene Restaurant 2022, Berlin Kiezmeister 2022 and Berlin Barkultur 2022.

Dr. Stefan Franzke, Managing Director of Berlin Partner: “With the Berlin Master Chefs, we would once again like to honor and recognize Berlin’s gastronomic scene for its staying power and creativity in constantly reinventing itself. The last two years have shown that not only has the level been maintained, but much new has emerged. Berlin’s gastronomy continues to be innovative and modern and thus shines beyond Berlin.”
This year’s nominees are:

Berlin Master Chef 2022:
Gal Ben Moshe, prism
René Frank, CODA Dessert Dining
Stephan Hentschel, Cookies Cream
Björn Swanson, Faelt
Jonas Zörner, Golvet

Rising Star of 2022:
Kamel Haddad, 12seasons
Christopher Kujanski, POTS
Jonas Merold, Merold
Martin Müller, Oukan
Steven Zeidler, Bricole

Berlin hosts 2022:
Serhat Aktas, host, Der Weinlobbyist
Rebecca Bassoff, host, Estelle Dining
Fabian Fischer, host, Bricole
Nancy Großmann, sommelière / Falco Mühlichen, host, Rutz
Regis Lamazère, host, Brasserie Lamazère

Berlin trendy restaurant 2022:
Café Frieda
Frühstück 3000

Berlin Kiezmeister 2022:
Chungking Noodles (Kreuzberg)
Food Technique Berlin (Mitte)
Maître Philippe & Filles (Wilmersdorf)
Pfefferberg Market Hall (Prenzlauer Berg)
Wen Cheng (Prenzlauer Berg)

Berlin Bar Culture 2022:

Bonvivant Cocktail Bistro
Der Weinlobbyist
Velvet Bar Berlin
Victoria Bar

A lot has happened in the gastronomy, and there is also news to report from the jury this year. For example, the jury chair was newly elected and is now jointly chaired by Tina Hüttl and Dr. Stefan Elfen-bein.

Tina Hüttl, new chair of the jury: “The last two years were not lost years, it is really amazing that the pandemic has not set back the gastronomy in Berlin by years, but on the contrary. It has emerged from this period more alive than ever. Among the nominees are many new openings and many that have made a quantum leap forward in terms of concept and cuisine. A lot has happened, and that is well reflected in the 2022 nominations.”

Jury chairman Dr. Stefan Elfenbein on the selection of nominees: “84 candidates proposed by the jury members were up for election in six categories. What became clear was: Delightfully new, colorful, creative things have been created in all parts of the city – and are appreciated. In addition, cooking is even more passionate, beneficial and international. Berlin’s authentic Asian and South American street kitchens are experiencing a real boom: in Kreuzberg, Mitte, and Prenzlauer Berg, people are lining up; the boom district is Neukölln’s Schillerkiez. Good cuisine, diversity, hospitality – that’s what we Berliners have clearly taken with us from the crisis – is quality of life.”

The jury includes the following jurors:
Dr. Stefan Elfenbein, chairman of the jury, author for the magazines “Der Feinschmecker” and “FOODIE”.
Tina Hüttl, chairwoman of the jury, Berliner Zeitung newspaper
Prof. Dr. Dieter Großklaus, “Chaîne des Rôtisseurs” (honorary president, without voting rights)
Stefanie Hofeditz, Freelance Editor / Journalist, B.Z., BILD, Ich&Berlin
Nikolas Rechenberg, Gourmetwelten
Annika Schönstädt, Berliner Morgenpost
Dr. Erwin Seitz, freelance journalist, book author and gastronomy critic
Jan-Peter Wulf, specialized journalist and founder nomyblog

The result of the election of the Berlin Master Chefs 2022 will be announced at the Master Chefs Gala in the fall during a festive dinner. The previous winners of the Berlin Master Chefs since the beginning of the honor in 1997 will be communicated in a chronicle. For more information on the Berlin Master Chefs project and the history, please visit: .

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