Japanese Restaurant Momiji, Bleibtreustr. 53

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After a long time again an interesting restaurant recommendation in the west of Berlin. We visited the Momiji in the Bleibtreustrasse shortly at the end before the Pestalozzistrasse. Momiji is a real Japanese restaurant, but without sushi or teppanyaki. Instead, they offer Osaka-style home cooking.

Momiji Takoyaki

Momiji is quite inexpensive and has rather simple dishes. The specialty here is takoyaki. We know Takoyaki well from Japan, but it is also popular in Taiwan and China. We took the trial offer with three times three different Takoyaki. Takoyaki are crispy deep-fried dough balls filled with squid. Here came squishy balls with a chewy filling for nine euros. We had already experienced much tastier and were not very enthusiastic and had terrible fears, which turned out to be wrong, thank God.

For the main course, my wife had the warm udon with chicken (Kashiwa Udon, €9.80). There was nothing on the menu about the origin of the meat. The dish tasted great. It probably would have been even better if the chicken had been sautéed just beforehand.
I had the Buta Miso Don (€9.80). A bowl of rice with salad and thin pork. This dish was also good. I would have left out the mayonnaise.

Momiji Miso Don

For dessert, my wife had a mochi with matcha ice cream (€3.30) and was delighted.

The service was very friendly. In total, we paid €42 with tip. We will surely go there again sometime.

Momiji Kashiwa Udon

Caution: The restaurant is not open continuously.

Momiji Rechnung

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