Berlin sweeps the #50best Restaurant awards

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Marie-Anne Wild & Tim Raue

Results of the 50best Restaurants of the World
● Geranium in Copenhagen is named “World’s Best Restaurant 2022,” sponsored by S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna.
● Berlin cements culinary leadership in Germany: Nobelhart & Schmutzig at #17, Tim Raue at #32, Ernst at #62, and Coda with a special award. Berlin’s Sühring Zwillinge are in 66th place. Outside of Berlin, only Tantris is still in 98th place.
● René Frank of Coda, Berlin, receives The World’s Best Pastry Chef Award sponsored by Sosa.
● The Beronia World’s Best Sommelier Award is presented to Josep Roca, sommelier at El Celler
de Can Roca, in a new award for 2022.
● Aponiente in El Puerto de Santa Maria wins the Flor de Caña Sustainable Restaurant Award.
● Uliassi (No. 12) in Senigallia receives the Highest New Entry Award sponsored by Aspire.
● Nobelhart & Schmutzig (No.17) is honored with the Villa Massa Highest Climber Award. The Berlin restaurant climbs 28 spots from the 2021 list
● Atomix (No.33) in New York wins the Gin Mare Art of Hospitality Award.
● Estrella Damm Chefs’ Choice Award goes to Jorge Vallejo of Quintonil in Mexico City.

Note: Of course, these are not the fifty best restaurants in the world. Even Germany’s best restaurant chef, Billy Wagner of Berlin’s Nobelhart & Schmutzig, would not claim that.

Several members of Gourmet Report were and are voting members of the 50best, so we know the genesis of the list quite well. Don’t take this list too seriously. Take this list as a cool trend list. Everything else is marketing!

Of course, as Berliners, we are happy for all the Berlin winning companies! And because it was so nice and we so rarely have excellence to celebrate in Berlin, here are all the German winners again:
Nobelhart & Schmutzig – Germany’s best restaurant
Restaurant Tim Raue – so far always the best German restaurant, now 2nd place
Rene Frank from Coda: The best patissier in the world
Restaurant Ernst
Restaurant Sühring
and the people of Munich can also rejoice with Tantris!

Of course, all the chefs who are not on this list will call this list of 50best – rightly – questionable and point to the only true list / restaurant guide, where they themselves are at the top ….

You can find the whole list on the Gourmet Report 50 best restaurants:

Chef Schaefer and Owner Wagner – Nobelhart & Schmutzig

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