Ukraine Charity Tour with Mirali Dilbazi

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You haven’t heard of Kyiv’s Mirali?

Ukraine Charity Tour with Mirali Dilbazi

A message from Nobelhart & Schmutzig
Well, you should have. After all, Mirali Dilbazi and his team are doing something that is stellar in its own right and, beyond that, mostly unheard of in their native Eastern Europe: a product-focussed, agriculturally-oriented take on Ukrainian cuisine, straddling tradition and innovation. We certainly consider them kindred spirits, and so it is no question for us that we want to help them in light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
We’ve teamed up with Mirali and several other German restaurants to bring you Mirali’s very special charity tour. Here’s your opportunity not just to sample Mirali’s cooking, but to help in a way that directly benefits people on the ground in Kiev.

Join us on April 10 for a special evening with a collaborative dinner by Mirali Dilbazi and Micha Schäfer. It’ll cost you €270.00, drinks are included.

For reservation at Nobelhart & Schmutzig (10.04.2022) please send an email to .

What’s the charity part? Well, we’ll be footing the bill for all produce, drinks and staff costs for the evening. 100% of proceeds from your tickets will go directly to Goodwine, owner of Mirali. Since the beginning of the war, Goodwine have quit regular business operations and are now devoted entirely to humanitarian relief efforts. They serve up to 400 meals a day to people in need. Your ticket purchase will help pay their staff and buy more food – so you’ll effectively be helping the helpers.

Here are the dates of Mirali’s little tour of Germany:
Sunday, 17.04. Mrs Robinson, Berlin
Sunday, 10.04. Nobelhart & Schmutzig, Berlin
Wednesday, 20.04. Maximilian Lorenz, Cologne
Sunday, 24.04. MURAL, Munich
Sunday, 07.05. 100/200, Hamburg
Tuesday, 10.05. Horváth, Berlin
Sunday, 15.05. Weinsinn/Gustav, Frankfurt am Main

Mirali Restaurant
Instagram Mirali Dilbazi:

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