Berlin’s ice cream festival at the best ice cream shops

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Berlin Ice Cream Week 2022

Berlin Ice Cream Week 2022
Berlin Ice Cream Week 2022

Cassata Siciliana, buffalo milk ice cream with focaccia pieces and pistachio pesto topping, infusion of CBD marijuana with caramelized cocoa nibs topping, butter ice cream with blueberry jam, and homemade bread, sour cherries, coffee and brownie ice cream, raspberry with ginger, sesame & orange, coconut liquorice swirl… These incredible ice cream flavours are just some of the creations offered by 37 of the best artisanal ice cream shops in Berlin during the Berlin Ice Cream Week 2022 from May, 5th to the 11th. The real catch: In every ice cream shop, one scoop of these special flavours will cost only 1 €. The event has come to its 3rd edition, after 2021 undeniable success, with more than 30.000 sold scoops. To ensure the best from this gelato tour we’ve designed a map showing all the participating ice creams parlors with their nearest metro station (a customized Google Map is also available ). The event is not just about sweetness and tastiness though: a photo contest on Instagram will give everyone the chance to win a stay for 2 people in Rome or Milan. And if that’s not enough, through an offline sticker contest, you can win a 50 € ice cream voucher.

Berlin Ice Cream Week, how it works

We selected 37 among the best artisan ice cream shops in Berlin and asked them to work on a special, creative, one-of-a-kind flavour, to be created with only their highest-quality ingredients. For a whole week, each special flavour will cost only 1 € a scoop, giving everyone the chance to try as many ice creams as possible around the city. Taking part in the event will be as easy as eating ice cream: just go to one or more participating ice cream shops (here is the full list) and ask for the Berlin Ice Cream Week special flavour. 

Why prefer an artisanal ice cream instead of an industrial one?

Entering a bar or an ice cream shop, our eye falls on the appearance and the presentation of the ice cream boxes in the freezer. Usually, it’s not so difficult to distinguish an ice cream that comes from industrial production – characterized by ‘fake’ colors – from an artisanal one, which has a more natural and simple appearance. Handmade ice cream is characterized by small-scale production. It is usually prepared with fresh milk and fruit, without any additives or treatments, and is sold directly to the customer. That’s why artisanal ice cream is a synonym for handmade, fresh, and genuine taste. With our event, we celebrate the quality of artisanal ice cream.

The ice cream market in Italy and Germany

The artisanal ice cream market is growing and growing: in 2021, the turnover amounted to 8,7 billion euros, 25% more than in 2020. Italy and Germany are the European countries where artisanal ice cream has its greatest widespread. According to Sigep 2019, there are at least 9,000 ice cream shops all around Germany. This number, in Europe, is second only to Italy, with a total of 39,000 ice cream parlors.

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Berlin Ice Cream Week 2022

From May 5th to 11th in 37 of the best ice cream shops in Berlin

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