72 hrs True Italian Food Festival 2022

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Berlin hosts the sixth edition of Germany’s largest regional Italian food festival

72 hrs True Italian Food Festival 2022

Deep-fried anchovies breaded with breadcrumbs, pecorino, and mint, Venus rice focaccia topped with potato cream, cooked ham, and smoked scamorza cheese, Spaghettoni alla Carbonara, homemade green potato-zucchini gnocchi in a three-cheese sauce, frisella with confit tomatoes, Homemade canestrini with truffle pesto, octopus burger with homemade bread and octopus mayonnaise, fried courgette flowers stuffed with ricotta and provola, Sfincione Palermitano & Arancina, Purè di Fave con Friggitelli, Sarde in saor (sweet and sour sardines)…. The 72 hrs True Italian Food, the festival of the best Italian regional cuisine in Berlin, is taking place again from April 6th to 9th and for only 8€ it’s possible to taste one of these specialities together with an Aperol Spritz, a glass of wine, a beer or a non alcoholic Crodino. This is now the sixth edition (6.000 menus have been sold in 2020). The event’s goal is to spread the true Italian culinary culture abroad, which for us doesn’t involve the chef’s nationality but the quality of ingredients and the simplicity of the recipes, even when they are innovative. 

As always, a photo contest is being organised on Instagram to mark the event. The first prize is a three-night stay for two in a wonderful hotel in Milan.

The festival is organised by Berlin Italian Communication with the support of the Aperol, Acqua Panna, San Pellegrino, Hotel Mentana and The Hub Hotel.

How the festival works. To taste one of the 41 specialities specifically thought for the event, you just have to go between Wednesday from 5 pm and Saturday evening (72 hours or a little more) to one of the 41 participating places and ask for the True Italian promotion (every place has its own). At that point, every customer will have the chance to choose between staying and trying something else on the menu or carrying on the tour to another True Italian restaurant. All restaurants offer vegetarian alternatives, some even vegan: in this case they are marked both on the flyer and online with a green leaf symbol.

The map. In order to facilitate your tasting tour, we created the 72 hrs True Italian Food map: a metro map that indicates the location of every place participating in the event. It will allow you to check all the restaurants’ addresses, as well as their opening times and their True Italian specialities. The map is available both as a PDF file and on Google Maps and soon as flyer in all participating restaurants.

The True Italian project. True Italian is a network that promotes and enhances the Italian tradition in Germany through a series of initiatives and events. The participating restaurants are recognisable by the True Italian logo displayed on their windows (registered with the Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt). In addition to the 72 hrs True Italian Food Festival, other True Italian initiatives include the Berlin Ice Cream Week (this year from May 5th to 11th), the Italian Street Food Festival (on June 18th and 19th), the True Italian Pizza Week in September in 12 German cities and the True Italian Pasta Week in November.

From Wednesday, April 6th at 7 PM to the evening of Saturday, April 9th in 41 selected Italian restaurants in Berlintrueitalian.top


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