GEZ Beitragsservice

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After you went to Bürgeramt to register your apartment, you’ll get snail mail from formerly GEZ, now ARD ZDF Beitragsservice.

ARD ZDF Beitragsservice – formerly infamous as GEZ

This is not a scam, it is for Public Broadcast in a high quality. And it is charged for every apartment. No matter if you have a TV or not. If you speak German or not. It is 17,50 per month. Students and Asylum seekers might be for free. but need to fill out the form anyway.

My family was learning German this way. My son was allowed to watch as much TV as he wants. If it is KiKa. KiKa stays for Kinderkanal and is an advertising free quality channel for children. They do have Teletubbies too. Most stuff is good and children like them a lot. And they don’t get stupid role models to see as in Disney or others. Or this endless stupid US cartoons. And no advertising. If they don’t see, they don’t want it. Our family watched every evening LOGO, news for children. Our son was always well informed about the world and was astonished that the kids in his class don’t now anything. Logo can be streamed from Mediathek by Internet.

When we arrived in Germany my son was taken after one month to the advanced German speakers. Better than most natives! We are all proud of him!
And in Bahrain we did not even pay for it! Thank you KiKa!

And as an Adult, watch Sundays at 8.15 p.m. Tatort in ARD das Erste. This is one of the most like Crime Show! You can get German subtitles, but no English. French speaking can watch ARTE, which is broadcast in German or French language.
For private low, low quality TV you might need to pay again. But I am not familiar with it. I zap through the channels sometimes in hotels. If you like to see the dark sites of Germany, watch it! “Frauentausch” is one show that is unbelievable. Two family are exchanging the mothers/wife. Fortunately without Sex. But new mother in other family. Many conflicts. Pretty horrible to watch. The poor children growing up in those families.

Information in English:

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