Vox Restaurant, Hyatt Hotel, Potsdamer Platz

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I know the Vox since long time. Before I left Berlin, Exec. Chef Eder had always fantastic quality lunch offers, which I liked there. Eder is retired.
Friends recommended us the place for Sushi. They were very please with Master Naoto. So we went.
In this restaurant Alex Moser started his career.

Ramen @ Vox Restaurant, Hyatt Hotel, Potsdamer Platz

Staff was very friendly, but so focused on sales. It’s like in St. Pauli, they like to offer you “extras”. Before you’ll ask, I saw it in a movie!
It started promisingly with warm bread and excellent home made spread.
Two of us had the big sushi/sashimi plate (92€). Then comes the waiter: He has a special offer. He can serve us real wasabi at the table. Without mentioning the price. You could have thought it is complimentary and many people will not ask in a Five-Star Hotel. I have no problem asking how much it is. Six euros per person”. But shouldn’t proper Wasabi be already included?
Then the waitress came and poured soy sauce. Full to the brim, like I’m going swimming with my sushi … 🙁
On the plate was a bowl of unagi sauce. But no unagi. The sauce was then on the scallops and probably accidentally on the ebi shrimp. I ask the waiter for what I shall use the sauce: For all it is good!
Surprising: the fish wasn’t great. Sadly, tuna was – like all Sashimi – pretty cold and not very tasty. Rice was good.

One had ramen (24 €) and scolded. The broth wasn’t great, the noodles were too thin for our taste.

In fairness, I have to say that Sushi Master Naoto san had the day off.

If you are not already in the area and want Sushi, I wouldn’t see a reason to go there.

Gehört da wirklich die süsse Sauce hin? Sushi @ Vox Restaurant, Hyatt Hotel, Potsdamer Platz

Sushi is a problem in Berlin. It seems there is no good fish. Only salmon and tuna. Ebi and surimi. The best Sushi we had in The Catch. A recommendation from Radio host Reiner Veit.
KaDeWe was not great, Ryotei 893 okay-ish as Sushi Berlin in Bismarckstrasse 100 opp. of Opera. Tillmann Zorns „Sachiko Sushi Berlin“ is supposed to be good, but I never got a place there. Zorn is the “father” of many Sushi places as he opened the first Kaiten Sushi Bar in Berlin more than 30 years ago.

So we are looking forward to our next trip to Tokyo for some good Edo Sushi.

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