Sticks’n’Sushi opens second restaurant on Kantstraße

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Sticks’n’Sushi opened its second sushi restaurant in Berlin today. After four years on Potsdamer Straße, the Danish restaurant chain is now coming to Kantstraße 152! “We are very excited to be here and curious about our new neighbors,” says CEO Andreas Karlsson. He adds that the new Sticks’n’Sushi will also pamper its guests with the typical Sticks DNA in a friendly and caring way, always aiming to surprise in culinary terms as well.

Andreas Karlsson

The Berlin-based architecture firm Diener & Diener is responsible for the interior design of the new Sticks’n’Sushi in the former premises of the legendary Le Bar du Paris Bar. As a tribute to the original design of the rooms, the existing elements such as wenge and marble floors, mirrors and recessed wall showcases can still be found, but in a reinterpreted version.

Diener & Diener also created a signature blend of Danish hygge and Japanese minimalism for Berlin’s newest Sticks’n’Sushi. Different types of bench seating in dark-smoked oak frame the front two dining rooms. Accompanying them are black leather tables and dark blue upholstered chairs. The harmonious atmosphere with discreet light objects is emphasized by various harmonious shades such as, taupe-grey, lavender and gray-green. In the central area, the bar made of black marble draws the guest with its space-occupying form into the Berlin room, where a large table invites to private dining.

“We are celebrating our new opening,” explains Germany General Manager Annette Schwarz. “Anyone who visits us in the first month is invited for a round on the house! No matter what guests want to drink with their meal – wine, beer, sparkling wine or a drink for the kids – the second round of drinks is on us. We look forward to seeing you on Kantstraße.”
One more in Berlin – One more on the house is available until October 25.

Sticks’n’ Sushi at Kantstraße 152 is the second branch of the Danish restaurant chain on German soil after Potsdamer Straße 85. The group employs more than 1,000 people in a total of 23 branches in the metropolises of Denmark and Great Britain (Copenhagen 12 stores, London 7 stores, Berlin 2 and Oxford and Cambridge one store each).

The colleagues of Gourmet Report visited Sticks n Sushi in Potsdamer Strasse. The enthusiasm was limited. But the bill was relatively high.

We would probably rather go around the corner from Sticks n Sushi, to THE CATCH, a Lithuanian (or Latvian?) sushi place with very good fish and priced like Sticks n’ Sushi:

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