New Corona rules in Berlin – starting 18th June 2021

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The curfew in Berlin has already been lifted since May 19.
Since June 4, six people from three households are allowed to stay in rooms. Children up to 14 years are not counted. As of June 18, ten people from three households are allowed.
Outside, ten people from five households are allowed (plus children up to 14).
Contact restrictions do not apply to vaccinated and recovered persons. This means, for example, that vaccinated and convalescent persons are no longer counted at private gatherings.

Mask requirement:

The requirement to wear a mask will no longer apply in outdoor areas - including on streets and squares such as Kurfürstendamm, Alexanderplatz and Wilmersdorfer Strasse. However, this only applies as long as the minimum distance of 1.5 meters can be maintained.
In indoor areas such as stores, a mask must still be worn.
An FFP2 mask must continue to be worn in local public transport, i.e. in the S-Bahn, U-Bahn, streetcars and buses.


Shopping without a test: This has been possible again since June 4. In the entire retail trade the obligation for a negative Corona test is cancelled.
Many stores might have their own rules! Sometimes you'll need to check in with Luca App or similar.

Any kind of markets, including flea markets, are allowed to open.

Restaurants, beer gardens, cafes, pubs, hotels:

Restaurants are also allowed to reopen their indoor areas. Those who want to dine indoors need a reservation and must present a current negative Corona test. In addition, upper limits on persons apply.
In outdoor catering, such as beer gardens, the Bürgertest requirement has been lifted. The mask requirement is also eliminated as of Friday, June 18th.
Operators are required to create a protection and hygiene concept that ensures contact tracking, regulation of the number of guests and compliance with distance and contact rules.
Tourist overnight stays in hotels have been allowed again since June 11. Guests must provide a negative Corona test.


The ban on serving, dispensing and selling alcoholic beverages between 0 a.m. and 5 a.m. is lifted.

Events and cultural venues:

Outdoor events are allowed up to 1000 people. Above 250 people, all attendees must have a current negative Covid-19 test. Below that, the testing requirement depends on the hygiene concept.

Indoor events are allowed up to 250 people. However, testing is also mandatory for events with 20 or more people.
At events with more than 20 people present at the same time, they must always be assigned a fixed place. This does not apply if all those present have tested negative.

Private events for special occasions such as funerals, weddings and christenings are permitted with up to 100 people outdoors and up to 50 people indoors; here, too, corona testing is mandatory for 11 or more people.

Singing in closed rooms is again permitted in accordance with the hygiene framework concept.
Cinemas, theaters, opera houses and concert halls are allowed to reopen. The same rules apply as for events.
Fairs and public festivals may resume.


Outdoor recreational activities (climbing forest or similar) are allowed. However, reservations are required. In addition, a negative current Corona test is required.

Indoor areas of zoo, zoo, botanical garden are allowed to reopen. Here, too, there is a reservation and testing obligation. In outdoor areas, the requirement to wear a mask is waived unless the minimum distance of 1.5 meters cannot be maintained.
Outdoor excursions, sightseeing tours and boat cruises are allowed again, but only by prior appointment booking and for a fixed limited period of time. Visitors must present a negative Corona test.
Sexual services involving intercourse are not allowed until June 30.
"Dance parties" may again be held outdoors with up to 250 people present at any one time. A current negative Corona test is mandatory.
Saunas and spas may reopen. A negative corona test is a prerequisite. Infusions are prohibited, steam baths must be kept closed.
Amusement arcades, amusement parks and establishments for recreational activities as well as gambling halls, casinos, betting agencies and similar establishments are allowed to reopen


Outdoor sports are allowed in groups with no limit on numbers and even if the minimum distance is not reached.

Indoor sports may take place in groups of no more than ten people, also there is a Corona testing requirement for adults.

Fitness, sports and dance studios are allowed to reopen with a limit of people. Required are an appointment booking and a negative current Corona test.

Outdoor competitions are allowed in all sports, but only with a current Corona test and no spectators.
Competitions for professional sports are possible with spectators. Upper limits for persons and compulsory testing apply.

Outdoor pools and lidos:

This year's outdoor pool season started in Berlin on Friday, May 21. Initially, eleven outdoor and summer pools opened, including the Humboldthain summer pool, the Wannsee lido, the Prinzenbad in Kreuzberg and the Pankow summer pool. The other 14 pools are to follow by mid-June. Children up to the age of 12 are allowed to swim for free in Berlin's pools during the summer vacations.
As in the previous season, there are time slots. Ticket sales at the Berliner Bäderbetriebe are online. A new feature is mandatory testing: a negative Corona test no more than 24 hours old must be presented at the entrance to the pools. Alternatively, proof of a survived Corona infection (not older than six months) or proof of a complete vaccination (second vaccination 15 days before) is also valid.
In the pools, diving towers and slides will remain closed for the time being, as will changing rooms and showers. The capacity in the pools is limited.
Indoor pools may also reopen


Libraries, PC pools and workrooms may reopen.
Classroom events in larger groups at universities with a hygiene concept are possible again.
Cafeterias are allowed to reopen in the same way as restaurants.

Music and other schools:

In institutions of general adult education, music schools, youth art schools, youth traffic schools, gardening schools and other independent institutions, general face-to-face operation is reintroduced. Prerequisite for teachers and learners is a negative Corona test.

Vocational education:

In vocational education and general adult education, the requirement to wear a medical mask applies. Previously, an FFP2 mask was mandatory.

Quarantine on entry:

The Berlin regulations on quarantine upon entry from abroad are lifted. Since May 13, the uniform coronavirus entry regulation has been in effect nationwide.

Corona rules in Berlin

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