Fish Klub in the Wilma food market hall, Wilmersdorfer Strasse

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Fish Klub offers fish lovers fruits of the sea. From oysters to crabs and mussels to fish, shrimp and co. The freshly prepared delicacies are caught by independent fishermen using a sustainable fishing method in France. True to the motto “Sea what you eat!”, only what the customer has previously seen in the fresh counter makes it onto the plate.

Managing Director Margaux Friocourt came up with the idea for Fish Klub a few years ago: “I wanted to introduce cuisine from the Breton terroir because I noticed that Berlin lacked high-quality seafood and fish offerings,” the Frenchwoman explains in an interview with Gourmet Report. What’s unique is not only the expertise of the chefs and staff, but especially the food – Fish Klub offers classic dishes like fish&chips, fish burgers or oysters, but also seafood platters and fancy dishes to feast on and try. “Now you can eat the fish and seafood that comes from my mother’s birthplace in Berlin. It’s a piece of home for me,” says Margaux Friocourt. For the native Frenchwoman, Fish Klub is a great way to introduce Berliners to a piece of her culture and, above all, freshly caught French fish.

The team around Margaux regularly provides up-to-date catch information via Instagram and, of course, live on site at the Wilma-Markthalle.

Fish Klub joins the ranks of unusual gastronomic offerings in the Wilma-Markthalle: “The atmosphere here is great. We want to give our customers an experience and look forward to working among many passionate chefs.”

With over 1,000 square meters, the new market hall in the Wilma basement offers enough space for exceptional enjoyment. A total of fifteen different gastronomy concepts have found a new home here in pavilion-like sales stands. Thanks to the optimum customizability of these rental spaces, the market hall is also well equipped for the food trends of the future and for unusual ideas. Variety and diversity are part of the concept. Currently open are Beer Cube, Burgerzimmer, CinnCity, Fish Klub, Le Brot, OHDE, PAT-A-TAT, Tea One and Tee Gschwendner. Baba Baji, Cig Köftem, immergrün, Viet Pho & Sushi and Waffle House will also be opening soon, rounding out the diverse offerings. Due to the pandemic, all dishes are currently only available to take away; later, almost 300 seats and many cosy corners will invite you to linger and enjoy.

Wilma, the neighborhood meeting place

In the course of the modernization and repositioning of the center at the end of 2020, Wilma’s role as a neighborhood meeting place was also sharpened as a kind of “community platform”. Cooperation with local projects and initiatives, with people in the neighborhood and with local organizations in the district will be further intensified, and social and community-oriented topics in the neighborhood will be focused on even more strongly. With service offerings such as the citizens’ office on the fourth floor (currently closed due to a pandemic), the future “community café,” the market hall and the diverse local supply offerings, Wilma is a good and important neighbor for Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf.

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