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Good friends of us like the Sushi Place next door. We are less convinced of their Sushi. So we tested the Food Club. Very weird concept. Two chefs made a restaurant with two menus. One has a Sushi style menu and the other something like best of European kitchens.

From the Sushi Menu

They don’t have any employees (“Headache”). So they cook and serve themselves. You pick up yourself the dishes from the kitchen, or if you sit outside, from the street window.

Food Club Window – you collect your food from this window

Why the place is called Food Club? Because it was called so before and the new owners did not wanted to invest in new signs. 😉

This is not a place of Haute cuisine or fantastic Edo style Sushi, it is a nice neighborhood restaurant with acceptable prices and good made food. Not fancy. We would go there anytime again.

Food Club is in Schöneberg in Eisenacher Strasse . Due to the small size, reservation is recommended!
Homepage Food Club with all information

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  1. Das Essen im Food Club Berlin in Schöneberg in der Eisenacher Straße ist mitunter das wohlschmeckendste, was ich in Berlin gegessen habe. Dabei beziehe ich mich auf die vornehmlich deutsche Küche auf Sterne-Niveau. Die Saucen, die ich bisher probieren durfte, waren beides: unaufdringlich harmonisch und dabei doch eine Geschmacksexplosion am Gaumen. Hier ist der Geschmack und die Qualität der Dreh- und Angelpunkt des Gesamtkonzeptes. Der Genuss macht die Erfahrung. Ich war beispielsweise alleine dort und hatte quasi ein Date mit mir selbst. Ich war nach dem Dessert einfach nur happy. Wer kann, sollte sich selbst ein Bild machen und das Restaurant während der Pandemie unterstützen.

    The food at the Food Club Berlin in Schöneberg in the Eisenacher Straße is the most delicious food that was served to me in Berlin. I am referring to the mainly German cuisine on star level. The sauces I have been allowed to try so far were both: unobtrusively harmonious and at the same time an explosion of taste. Here, taste and quality are the core of the overall concept. The flavor is the experience. For example, I was there alone and had a date with myself, so to speak. After the dessert I was just happy. If you can, you should check it out and support the restaurant during the pandemic.

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