Charlottenburg with open Restaurants

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Since a week the restaurants are allowed to reopen again. We visited the EAST at Savignyplatz and ate Pizza in Da Torino in Bleibtreustrasse Ecke Lietzenburger

Pizzeria Da Torino

We walked around at 7 p.m. Some places like Osteria Centrale or Kitchen Library were fully booked and some Asian restaurants pretty empty.

We had the feeling people like to avoid the Asian places. Why? I guess they are afraid of Covid19. Why Berlin Asian people should easier get or transfer it, is not clear to me. So we decided to support an Asian Eatery, the EAST at Savignyplatz (Grolmannstrasse).

The decision was not good. The waitress only used her protection when she came to the table, but behind the bar she took it off. We started to order a bottle of Badoit and received an open bottle Taunusquelle for the same price. We ordered Dim Sum. They came with a horrible “homemade” dipping. Somebody put too much Vinegar and too little Soya. the dim sum themselves were in a very thick dough and the meat was not that nice.

Siao Mei

Instead of 4 pcs in other places you get here only three, but slightly more expensive.

We had crunchy tofu with vegetables. This dish was so neutral it could be served in any hospital. Fried noodles were oily. The only yummy dish was the typical German-Chinese crispy fried duck in a tasty sauce with a few vegetables.
All portions were pretty small, even for rice we had to ask again. We paid 55 €, the waitress gave to little back. For what we had, it was much.
There are plenty of good Chinese places like Aroma around, so we will not go there again.

Another day I passed Da Torino, an Arabic Pizzeria anouncing all Pizzas for 6.90 €. As I have a teenager who loves Pizza, I went with the family to that place. We all had Pizza.

Pizza with spicy Salami

The Pizza is not as good as in Ovest Pizzeria in KaDeWe, but pretty acceptable. We had also a bottle of Water (Unfortunately only Nestle Waters).
Total we paid half of what we paid at EAST, but where double happy. So it was a good deal.

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