Sissi Chen’s recommendations on Asian restaurants in Kantstrasse Area

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Lon Men Noodle house, Kantstrasse Berlin

Sissi Chen, the content creator on Instagram #eatinginberlin was asked by Berlins Tagesspiegel for recommendations at Kantstrasse:

"Do De Li": Traditional "Crossing the Bridge Soup" soups (with meat, seafood, quail egg, vegetarian options) and pickles (cucumber salad, morels, beef) from Yunnan. Kantstraße 120, Tue-Sun 12 to 11 pm,

"Noodle Freunde": dumplings (pork, chicken, vegetables) and noodles (for example with peanut sauce, tofu or grilled pork belly) similar to the northern Chinese style. Leibnizstraße 70 B, daily 12 to 10 p.m.

"Aroma": Probably the largest dim sum selection in the city, including steamed dumplings (prawn, pork), deep-fried radish cake, yeast bun with lotus paste or steamed chicken feet. Kantstrasse 35, Mon-Thu 12 to 2, Fri-Sun 12 to 3,
Our critic

"Lon Men Noodle House": classics of Taiwanese cuisine, such as beef noodle soup, chili wontons and stews (beef, beef rumen, pork ears). Kantstraße 33, Thu-Mon 12 to 10 pm,

"Good Friends": A wide selection of Chinese cuisine from all regions, from chop suey to Peking duck - "Ideal for anyone who can't make up their mind," says Sissi Chen. Kantstraße 30, Fri-Wed 12 to 10.45 pm,

The entire, highly interesting article by Ferdinand Dyck was published in the Berliner Tagesspiegel

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