Berlin Senate Tightens Corona Rules

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The Berlin Senate has reacted to the rapidly increasing Corona numbers. These Corona rules have been adopted:

Eating in Restaurants only for 2 G with mask
  • As of Saturday, only vaccinated and recovered people will have access to most stores (2G). Basic services (supermarkets, drugstores or pharmacies) are exempt.
  • In many areas of public life, to which only vaccinated and recovered persons have access anyway (2G), additional requirements apply (2G plus).
  • Corona testing in Berlin schools is expanded.

2 G = fully vaccinated (less than 6 month) or cured (less than 6 month)
2 G plus = 2 G plus Test
3 G = 2 G or Test

In the future, unvaccinated people will only be allowed to visit stores selling basic necessities; the rest of the retail trade will remain closed to them. Leisure events will also be largely subject to 2G, including a mask requirement. In the future, exceptions will only apply to minors. The possibility of gaining access with a negative test will be eliminated in many places.

In the future, sports halls will be reserved for vaccinated or recovering athletes, and 2G will also apply to all cultural events. In addition, masks are compulsory. Where this is not possible, for example in dance clubs, a negative test and distance rules will be required as an alternative.

2G will also apply in hotels in the future

In the catering trade likewise additionally to 2G also a mask obligation applies when entering and leaving, which is lifted at the seat. In the future, 2G will also apply in hotels, where previously unvaccinated persons could also check in with a test (3G). For services close to the body, such as hairdressing (2G), operators can decide whether to impose a mask or test requirement.

New rules also apply to major events, such as Bundesliga soccer matches. Accordingly, the number of people will be limited to 5,000 seats plus 50 percent of the possible stadium or hall capacity – where only vaccinated and recovered people will also be allowed. For the Olympiastadion, this means a restriction to 42,000 spectators, for the Alte Försterei to 16,000 spectators. In addition, masks are compulsory.

The exact wording of the Eleventh Amendment Ordinance:

  • Introduction of an extended 2G regulation
    o In principle, there is a mask requirement in the 2G condition.
    o In the area of services close to the body, there is a mask or test obligation at the choice of the person responsible.
    o In indoor catering, 2G continues to apply and mask obligation as before.
    o In the area of sports activities in closed rooms, there is a distance requirement or testing requirement at the discretion of the person responsible.
    o For indoor dance parties and similar activities, there is a testing requirement and a maximum occupancy of 50 percent of the venue’s capacity.
  • Extension of 2G regulation to.
    o Retail trade, excluding basic services (e.g., supermarket, pharmacy).
    o Overnight stays in hotels, lodging establishments, etc.
    o Adult education centers, general adult education facilities, music schools, and others.
    o Driving schools and similar establishments.
  • Admission of vaccinated non-EU foreign nationals with EU-approved vaccines under 2G condition even without digitally verifiable proof of vaccination.
  • Restriction on the number of people allowed at large events from December 01, 2021:
    Events with more than 2000 people present outdoors or more than 1000 people present indoors can only be approved up to an absolute number of 5000 spectators with full capacity and for the part exceeding 5000 people with a maximum of 50 percent of the further capacity.
  • Mandatory masks at Christmas markets, they can also be opened under 2G conditions.
  • Discontinuation of the rules for outdoor gatherings, the ban on consuming alcohol in green spaces, and for elections and voting” (- which I take to mean, that the rules are relaxed for the following 3 cases, 1: Outdoor gatherings, 2: The drinking of alcohol in parks, and 3: during elections and voting – (thanks to Andrew James Kirkwood for helping to translate properly this part)
  • Extension of the term of the ordinance until December 19, 2021.

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