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We were in Dahlem, Berlins best residential area with a lot of Ambassadors residences, next to FU (Freie University) to eat at Miss Wu, advertised as a modern Chinese Restaurant.

Ährenfisch – der war ganz lecker

An uncomfortable smell from the kitchen greeted us when we entered the venue.
It was more a typical German-Chinese Restaurant than an authentic Chinese. A bit dirty (but still within an acceptable range).
We started with some small deep fried fishes. They were more chips as they were overfried. Parallel we have had some Sui Jiao (Dim Sum) in a very thick dough.

Sui Jiao (Dim Sum)

With the cooking the passion part was missing. In German we say, it was lustlos hingeklatscht. Is tittle-tattled the right english word?

Crispy duck with mushrooms

From the daily specials we took “crispy duck with thee types of mushrooms”. It was tastewise fine as deep fried duck almost always tastes well. Duck was overfried too. The mushrooms were not that fantastique.

From the standard menu we took the vegetarian option, eggplant Sichuan style. It was battered like a KFC chicken, without the chicken taste. After short time the battering became soft and then it was ugly. Before it was better. They should serve the sauce separately.

For me, the joy in a Chinese Restaurant is the sharing part. The waitress did not understand we wanted to share. Even we explained. She also just might not have been interested. She served first the starters and tried to serve them directly to the person. Same with main dishes. Anyway, we worked out.

Miss Wu Invoice

Below 50 Euro is okay, but not cheap. I would not go there by myself again. We have too many fine Chinese Restaurants in Berlin (i.e. Aroma or TianFu). But if somebody invites me to the place, I wouldn’t mind.

BTW, Tip. In Restaurants – if the service was fine – you pay 10 %. So here I would pay 4,50 € tip. You would ask for the “Rechnung, bitte” (Invoice pls) and when you see it you give cash or card and say upfront “48 bitte”.

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